The 8 Most Enchanting Places In Spain

Plaza Mayor of Sigüenza, Guadalajara

Do you want to know the 8 most enchanting places in Spain? Here we are going to show you some of those that have caught our attention in our travels in this fantastic country. It is obvious that there are many more and every city has always an attractive meeting point to go to meet the local people, but these have something special that draws attention.

Plaza Mayor of Trujillo, Cáceres1. Plaza Mayor of Trujillo, Cáceres

We begin our route by the most charming squares of Spain approaching us to the Plaza Mayor of Trujillo, in the province of Cáceres. In it you can see an impressive equestrian figure dedicated to Francisco Pizarro, the famous Spanish conquistador.

Also, in this beautiful square you will find several really beautiful churches , such as Santa Maria and San Martin de Tours. To this we must add the House of the Chains and the Palace of the Conquest. That is to say, a fantastic corner of Trujillo in which to know part of the history of Spain while you enjoy all the idiosyncrasy of the town.

Cathedral Square of Oviedo, Asturias2. Cathedral Square of Oviedo, Asturias

We continue our tour of the most charming squares of Spain to stop our steps at the second stop of the road. At this moment we go to the Cathedral Square in Oviedo, the popular capital of Asturias.

In this case, and as its name indicates, the square is presided over by the Gothic building of the cathedral. Its interior is really nice and attractive to the visitor.

A set that completes the sculpture dedicated to Ana Ozores , the popular protagonist of La Regenta , Leopoldo Alas “Clarín”, and the palace of Valdecarzana and Heredia.

 Plaza del Rey in Barcelona3. Plaza del Rey in Barcelona

We now travel to the great Mediterranean city of Barcelona to stop in the Plaza del Rey, a beautiful corner of the most medieval city. Among the buildings we can see in it is the chapel of Saint Agatha, the Tinell Hall or the Museum of History of the Catalan capital.

Plaza de la Corredera de Córdoba4. Plaza de la Corredera de Córdoba

We now travel to the south of the country in our search for the most beautiful squares of Spain to take a breath in the Plaza de la Corredera de Córdoba. As if a wonderful patio typical of the city was, this huge porticoes space dates from the XVII century and has a typical Castilian architecture, despite being located in this Andalusian town.

Plaza Mayor de Pedraza, Segovia5. Plaza Mayor de Pedraza, Segovia

We are already on our way to Castile and Leon to have a good time in the wonderful Plaza Mayor de Pedraza, in the province of Segovia. Here we find a typical medieval corner to which we are very accustomed this area of ​​the country.

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Of course, the austere medieval construction has a large presence in this square. A sober place that in turn is imposing and beautiful, especially during the night, with spectacular and wonderful lighting.

 Plaza de los Fueros de Tudela, Navarra6. Plaza de los Fueros de Tudela, Navarra

We continue the search of the most charming squares of Spain to land in Navarre. There we find the Plaza de los Fueros de Tudela, with a beautiful temple in its center and with the Clock House among its most beautiful buildings.

In its day, this square was designed to host bullfights, back in the seventeenth century, the time of its construction. However, with the passage of time has remained as a meeting place in Tudela and has been transformed into a beautiful space of the locality.

Plaza Mayor of Sigüenza, Guadalajara 7. Plaza Mayor of Sigüenza, Guadalajara

If there is a Spanish town that stands out for its medieval construction, that is Sigüenza, in the Castilian-La Mancha province of Guadalajara. Its Plaza Mayor is a portico and austere place dating from the fifteenth century and which stands out for its beauty and the citizen movement that houses.

 Plaza Alta de Badajoz8. Plaza Alta de Badajoz

To end our walk through the most charming squares of Spain, we return to Extremadura to stop in the Plaza Alta de Badajoz. Its Mudejar style makes it a unique space in the country.

Although several reforms were initiated during the fifteenth century, these were never completed, leaving this space unfinished over the course of the centuries to the present day.

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