The burden of psychological pressure in sports and in life

“The psychological pressure can affect performance negatively, either e n sport or other environments where favorable circumstances and their own expectations and other “force” to succeed. Also many people who face happens to many athletes, and challenges that this stress overcomes them and compromise their self – esteem. The significance of the situation (a final global), already very stressful, joins the fear of failure with the wind seemingly in favor, which is more threatening than a possible failure in adverse conditions. You may also interested to visit

the-burden-of-psychological-pressure-in-sports-and-in-lifeThe problem is compounded if there are also previous experiences of failure in similar challenges and dominates the urgency of achieving what once resisted. If it comes over people who lack the skills to manage stress, it is logical that performance degradation; almost always, not much; but enough to not achieve the success that seemed clear.   In sports, and in other scenarios, the difference between success and failure can be very small (in the 100 meters are tenths, even hundredths), by which may be acceptable for minimally lower for the result sought is not achieved performance.

In the sprints, in the absence of interaction between the contestants, it is important that the athlete to focus on their own performance. It is true that in some cases (especially in the qualifying series) can be dosed best effort based on the reference of its rivals, but at key moments is what transcends personal performance. If you do well your career, the chance of beating the opponents will be higher than if you run below your means. Thus, the real failure of Powell is not to win, but pay worse than it could when he faces the most threatening challenges. The same applies to many others, athletes or not, more concerned about winning than by doing good work , not realizing that the latter is the only way to achieve victory.

Psychology not only allows underperforming explain phenomena like this athlete, but also provides solutions.”

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