The Call For The Job Interview

Businessman waiting for an important call

There is nothing wrong with writing or calling the person who summoned you and ask you for the name and position of the person who will interview you. It may also be that you’re being quoted to the test early.

As for the profile, you do not lose anything by requesting it. If you do not share, you can find hundreds of descriptions of positions on the web. If you combine this with a rigorous research on the company, you can deduce more or less where to focus your value offer.Businessman waiting for an important call

Some appointments for job interviews are realized by mail, but many others are made by telephone and should be ready to receive these calls. Here are some tips that can help you be better prepared:

Be prepared to answer at any time : If you are called and are off guard, on the street or driving, it is preferable to take note of the person’s name and return the call within a few minutes. In this way, you gain time, you prepare mentally and you will be more alert, without distractions.Businessman waiting for an important call

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Check your recording in your voicemail : Sometimes we do not put the attention due to recording our voice messages, we become ‘creative’ when doing it or some humorous record a message passing through you. Check your voicemail recording, and, if necessary, record a new message that is friendly and professional.

Prepare others : In case they call your house, you must train those who can answer. Put you with a block and pen that works, the side of the phone. You must tell them where to place the message so that you see it on your return and do not give more information about you. Suffice it to say that you are not there and that you will call back as soon as you return. They must point out three things: the name of the person who called, the company and the telephone.Businessman waiting for an important call

Reprogramming : If you can not attend the time you are quoted, do not hesitate to ask if it could be at another time. Sometimes they cite you for the next day and it is perfectly logical that you have another commitment. Use criteria, though. If the interview is with someone who lives outside and will only come for the interviews, rearrange your schedule.Businessman waiting for an important call

Ask about details. Do not hang up without knowing the name and position of the person or persons who will interview you; verify the address, though the company knows, because sometimes outsource the service, or have assessment centers that may be located elsewhere.

Find out the length of the interview so you can schedule it. You can also ask about the dress code, especially in summer, although it is recommended to look more formal in doubt. Before hanging up, take note of the name and phone number of the person who summoned you, in the case of any eventuality. Make a checklist of these issues so you do not have to call back, especially now that are just starting out.

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