The Initial Five Seconds That Determine The Key To Success

The Initial Five Seconds That Determine The Key To Success

Whether you want to succeed in your next job or business interview, exponentially improve your sales ratio, or even fall in love with the person who appeals so much to you, you need to know that you have to pay full attention to the initial five seconds.

It is scientifically proven that the first impression will remain in the long term in the brain of its interlocutor, and that it has a filter function that conditions all the information that comes later on what you do or say. In other words, “if you make a bad first impression, it’s very difficult to turn it around,” says José Manuel García-Lomas Otero, Consultant Partner of MRC International Training. Since you have a unique opportunity to make an excellent first impression, and you must take advantage of it.

The Initial Five Seconds That Determine The Key To SuccessHe thinks our genetic inheritance continues to condition many of our behaviors. The instinct of survival is very strong in the human being, even working at the subconscious level. Nearly 100,000 years where only the strongest or smartest survived quickly discovering threats have shaped the way we behave. A recent study by MIT and the Harvard University School of Health Sciences concluded that it takes only about two seconds to decide whether the person in front of us is reliable or not. And many times this happens before the conversation has begun.

Whether you are confident enough to close a business, offer a position in your organization, or consider yourself as your potential life partner, it is important for a future client, your prospective employer, or a potential partner to decide whether to give you confidence. , Practice and plan these first few seconds.

According to García-Lomas, the 8 key elements to achieve success in the first five seconds are:

The Initial Five Seconds That Determine The Key To SuccessTake care of your personal image. Think about the image you want to project. More serious and reliable, more creative, more modern or more traditional, which will depend on your item, company or job. In all cases, always well neat.

Analyze who your audience is. It is not the same to visit a farm in the field that the HR Manager of a bank in San Isidro. Men, for example, will choose suit and tie or elegant sport or polo and jeans, depending on the occasion.

Think of something positive that has happened to you in the recent past. This way you will have the positive attitude that will facilitate the encounter multiplying your chances of success.

The Initial Five Seconds That Determine The Key To SuccessWork your posture, act with energy, show that you are eager to interact and get something positive from the encounter. Try to stand erect, shoulders back. He walks with some energy and who approaches his interlocutor. Offer your hand for a greeting with just strength and transmit the desire to seize the occasion, neither dead hand nor the famous “bone breaker”.

The Initial Five Seconds That Determine The Key To SuccessSmile. It’s not that you should keep a permanent, but show your best smile when you say hello, when you talk about your products, services or when you fire.

Always establish eye contact. It is one of the clearest signals for the interlocutor that you are reliable. The eyes are the part of the body that more information transmits.

Convince yourself that the person in front of you is the most fascinating in the world. Let yourself be impressed instead of being the one trying to impress.

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Communicate your emotions. If you are happy, honest or grateful for the opportunity, for the occasion or for the person, express it in a sincere and convinced way.

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