The Keys To Being A Good Entrepreneur In The Next Few Years

The Keys To Being A Good Entrepreneur In The Next Few Years

Improved macroeconomic data, the steady increase in supplies, and even limited opportunities for “decent” work make this a fairly favorable year for many young people to start a startup. However, the competition is constantly increasing, and getting the competitive advantage that sets you apart from the rest becomes an increasingly difficult task.

Here are some of the keys to being a good entrepreneur in the coming years:

The Keys To Being A Good Entrepreneur In The Next Few YearsMake Something New

We are tired of always being told the same thing, but the hard fact is that the best way to achieve success is to find a niche market, enter a land that is not yet explored or not enough. The big startups of these previous years have been able to maintain themselves thanks to that they found solutions to problems that were still to be solved.

It may seem obvious but the best way to achieve success is to find a niche market that is not yet collapsed or does not even exist. The big startups of previous years were able to keep up thanks to finding their niche in the market or creating a solution to problems that had not yet been solved. Companies like MintLabs, considered the best Spanish startup last year thanks to software that recreated the human brain with a 3D printer for medical use, or Just Eat, the world leader in ordering on-line orders through the internet, are examples of the importance to find a need that has not yet been covered.

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Join The Best

Sometimes, prescribers allow us to open our business at a much faster rate than we thought, especially if they bring recognition and trust to our business. Those who have been able to take advantage of this have been the online comparators that are associated with the big companies to offer discounts and promotions in their products, as is the case of Packlink, a courier comparator that has succeeded and has spread to several countries in Europe and America in only two years of existence.

The Keys To Being A Good Entrepreneur In The Next Few YearsPosition On Google

If you’re not on Google, you do not exist. And if you’re not in the top 10 search results, either. Do not forget that search engines are the first place your potential customers will search, so it is essential that they can find you.

A good positioning strategy should have:

  • Good content, as this is one of the main reasons why a website will be well positioned.
  • Balance between internal and external links, although the existence of external links is very favorable for our pagerank, can also hurt us if Google considers that we do not use them correctly. Therefore, the internal links are taking more and more relevance, since they are a mixture of keywords and brand.
  • Link building, allows improving the position of the web in the ranking through links than other pages that link to our website.

All these techniques cannot make sense without a good study of keywords. So, the first step will be to define the keywords of the web and apply them, naturally, in the descriptions and links that are made.

Below you can read an article on how to optimize a Google advertising campaign in a professional way.

The Keys To Being A Good Entrepreneur In The Next Few YearsFeel Comfortable In A Social Media Environment

A good use of social networks is, in some contexts, almost as important as positioning in Google. To this day there is no company that boasts that it does not have a careful strategy in social networks. Twitter, Facebook, Youtube or LinkedIn, are indispensable and each one of them has its own function and public, so it must be carefully established in which of them it is necessary to be and in what way.

Although Facebook and Twitter continue to lead the list of social networks, more and more young people are looking for other windows to the digital world, more specialized and personal.

Some trends of this New Year are:

Integration in all the devices: No longer only the computer is used, what is more, this device of table is staying in a second even weave plane, behind the movable and the tablets. That is why more and more social networks create mobile applications so you can access them from anywhere.

Localized advertising: there are more and more tools that can be used to advertise positively, or negatively, to the services, products and places we visit. Granting to the final customer the reliability of the previous users.

  • Experience transmedia: few are already those who watch television without having another screen in front, this allows you to comment and share content of what you see in time. In fact, in virtually all TV shows you are invited to interact through their profiles on social networks while you watch.
  • Geolocation: There are several applications with which you can locate people around you according to preferences, places or common activities.

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