This Is How The Lack Of Sleep Affects You

This Is How The Lack Of Sleep Affects You

Sleeping is important. There are a series of minimum hours of sleep that we must respect and not to do it has its consequences. We’ll tell you.

This Is How The Lack Of Sleep Affects YouThis is how the lack of sleep affects you

For our body to function properly you must rest well at night. Nothing bad happens for a sleepless night, but the problem can be aggravated when the lack of sleep becomes chronic and is something recurrent. At that moment it will be when we have to take action in the matter because sleeping a little has harmful consequences for our body.

Sleeping little affects mostly concentration. It will be almost impossible to focus on the issues before us. The brain will be unable to act and will lack the spark that keeps it active. This lack of sleep will negatively affect people who study, think, do calculations or use memory for their work.

This Is How The Lack Of Sleep Affects YouThe only thing you fancy during the day is sleep and sleep. That drowsiness will prevent the senses from being activated and your alertness will be much lower than you would have in normal situation. In addition to that inability to concentrate, your mood will also be affected and you will experience continuous character changes. You can be happy and after a few minutes get mad at yourself. Becoming more irritable will make a dent in family relationships or work. Also, no one likes to live on an emotional roller coaster.

Generally, to combat that dream situation the body will demand something stimulating, such as coffee, tea, cola or alcohol. The body will feel a bit out of place due to the changes in the schedules, and in the end all this will lead you to eat impulsively and disorderly, gaining a few kilos and also appear anxiety situations.

This Is How The Lack Of Sleep Affects YouBy sleeping so little at night, the body is losing defenses to allergies and diseases, so it is necessary that at no time neglect healthy eating.

A study by Duke University in 2011 found that the absence of sleep not only affected the ability to make decisions, but also made people more optimistic when faced with financial situations. An adult person should sleep at night between 7 and 9 years, increasing this number for children of school age (between 9 and 11 hours) and babies (from 12 to 15 hours).

This Is How The Lack Of Sleep Affects YouIn order to guarantee the nocturnal rest it is necessary to follow fixed schedules, to escape of the stress, to limit the consumption of certain drinks and foods, and to create a daily routine to go to sleep.

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Therefore, it is necessary to enjoy a full life sleeping the right hours at night. This way during the day we will not have so badly and we will be up to the time to carry out any activity.

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