This Is Your House

This Is Your House

First of all I apologize to those who take the opinions or personal reflections that I can get to shed on this blog as personal attacks. I promise you that, if you analyze about what I write, you will see that there are never personal attacks and yes to organizations, methodologies or characters. No, it is not the same thing a personage – his representation – that a person and, that is why, although there may be tendency to confuse person with personage, never has been my intention in any case. No, I will not discuss whether I have more or less reason in my educational approaches because, luckily or unfortunately, are only mine and difficult to extrapolate. Nor am I going to get into debate about dimes and directs whose only objective is the demagogic dismantling of something that, for some, can be considered demagoguery. By the way,

This Is Your HouseI understand that sometimes people think that one is outraged because it only writes about things that are open to criticism. I understand, too, that there are people who simply stick with the phrase or word decontextualized after thousands and thousands of lines that I have already written in this blog. Staying with a tweet or simply unpinning a conversation so that it is used so that some can say that I agree with the approach of one or the other is not too interesting. Well, at least for me. As therapy for some may be quite well.

This Is Your HouseI am very inconsistent in my written and therefore I apologize. No, I would not change a comma of what I have written in these more than seven years in the blog although, lately, it tends to tint – and even question – positions that I had once endowed with absolutes. There is nothing absolute in this life and even less when you talk about educational or social issues. Society changes and the perspective from the moment one sees it varies with the years, the experiences and even the simple fact of getting older. I do not think its negative; I think the above is called evolution. One can go to previous postulates or move towards others. Question of likes or needs.

This Is Your House


I like and I think it convenient to remember from time to time that this is nothing more than a space where I think aloud, I am wrong on more occasions than I would like and, unfortunately, allows some to infer things that have never been through my imagination. People have discovered that there is a need to find referents or enemies. I suppose, in a way, it is how one can feel more or less certain in his vital conception. Yeah, me, too. The big problem is that, in the end, references and even destination coordinates can vary depending on many factors.

This Is Your HouseYou see that I have gone through the branches as usual but, sincerely, I would like to ask in this article of heart apologies to all those who could have felt bad for something that could have written in this blog or in the social networks . Know, yes, that it has never been anything personal. I will continue to write here in the same way as always, asking myself many questions, seeking answers and doing the same thing I would do if you were not on the other side. Of course, they always like to talk to someone rather than to oneself.

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