To The Bonfire With Asos And Much More

To The Bonfire With Asos And Much More

This week the Burn them you have proposed! Tere has sent us a special Asos that has no waste; it is not saved even a stitching!!!

In addition, Paola Andrea and Susi also send us their chungui-proposals!

To The Bonfire With Asos And Much MoreWe started with Tere’s!!!

“Here I send again a few burn them (I laugh a lot with that section of your web! :-D), as always from ASOS, which is my downfall. Gossiping for the sales I was finding this … judging by each one that yes, that tastes the colors!

A clear example of “if it does not fit the model, do not buy it!!”

To The Bonfire With Asos And Much MoreAt the stake with Asos

A “basic” of ASOS are these monkeys … I already sent a few in winter (silver, gold …) but it does not stop! Please, someone in London to confirm that the girls do not go like that on the street!?

Finally, a very personal burn, I know it’s not ugly … but I do not know … the material (leather-look fabric), better to see enlarged photo…. the whole … and if you do not have those legs … It will be that, pure envy on my part …?

Paola Andrea

“Hi, I’ve been following your blog for a long time, and I’ve been encouraged to send you this Missoni house dress, it’s good that transparencies are worn a lot lately, but this look seems to me quite exaggerated.”

To The Bonfire With Asos And Much MoreSusi

“Hello! I found these leather ankle boots on the H & M website for $ 179, maybe I’m crazy but I do not like anything, too golden! and very expensive! I think I do not have words hehe, I hope it helps you for something; I really like your blog! A greeting! And continue like this!

To the bonfire with Asos and much more

What about you, what would you send to the stake with Asos? What are for you the worst clothes of the season that you would never wear?

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