Welcome To “La Familia”

Welcome To La Familia

Several have been the incursions of the cinema in the business of the Italian “families”, although some of them have left a true mark on the celluloid.

The three parts of “The Godfather” by Francis Ford Coppola constitute “The Trilogy” par excellence of the world of the Mafia. I will not delve more into them today, because they deserve a blog article dedicated exclusively.

Welcome To La FamiliaAnother renowned director who has played this genre has been, at last, Oscar-winning Martin Scorsese. Although his latest film “The Departed” focuses on the Irish Mafia, “Casino” and “One of Us” play directly on the delicate tunes of Italians based in the United States.

Welcome To La FamiliaSpecial mention deserves “Once upon a time in America” of the mythical director of the so-called spaghetti-western genre Sergio Leone who drew the Italian-American production very worthily, which tells the evolution of a group of friends who started in the world of the underworld New York from the early 1900s.

Brian De Palma brought us, in my opinion, the best part of Mission Impossible, another reference of the genre: “The Untouchables of Elliot Ness” . It chronicles the efforts of a federal agent who tries to curb the illegal introduction of alcohol by the Mafia in the dry-law Chicago of the 1920s.

Welcome To La FamiliaOther non-consecrated directors have made good films of the genre such as Mike Newell with “Donnie Brasco” (one of my favorites) or some already consecrated by other genres have a past in the family as is the case of the brothers Andy and Larry Wachowski with “Burning Ties”.

I am sure that neither are all who are nor are all that are, it is a personal selection that I hope will catch the attention for the neophytes of the genre and enjoy long hours of cinema in the company of “The Family.”

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