What are the best machines for moving pallets?

Those who work in loading docks and warehouses need an effective and safe way to move pallets. There are several systems available, with both electric and manual solutions. Here we look at some of the options organisations should consider when addressing their daily lifting and pallet moving needs.


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One of the biggest factors affecting the type of machinery required will be the weight and volume that needs to be moved. The height of the product and, of course, the budget will also dictate which machinery an organisation invests in.

It is obviously extremely important that the correct machinery is used according to the load weight, volume and warehouse conditions. An expert should be consulted prior to purchase; alternatively, information is available from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Manual pallet movers/trucks

Commonly found in warehouses, these are very useful machines and may even be used at the local supermarket or department store to move stock around. These machines cannot be used to move stock from one height to another, such as from one shelf to another, but can be utilised to take stock from one area to another.Going in Style movie trailer

Electric transporters and pallet lifters

Similar to the manual pallet movers described above, the electric pallet lifters are extremely useful for those who need a little more functionality in a similar space and with similar loads. Due to their electric motors, these pallet lifters and transporters can raise pallets higher; in addition, they have wheels, which makes moving pallets from one location to another easier and quicker. Electric transports are ideal for machine loading and offloading and for load palletising/unitising. They are great for use with used pallet racking from suppliers such as https://www.duffydiscount.com/racking.

Load stackers and trans stackers

In an organisation where products are required to be moved from one level to another, the trans stacker or load stacker is ideal. This can be purchased in both fork over and straddle designs and is perfect for use where space is limited, especially in warehouses where the aisles are narrow.

Scissor style pallet lifters

Capable of lifting large loads of up to 3,300 pounds, the scissor style pallet lifter uses a patented system of stability to move and lift pallets. It is particularly good for use with open bottom pallets and skids.

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