Wheat Flour Tortillas Very Easy For Burritos, Quesadillas And Synchronized

Wheat Flour Tortillas Very Easy For Burritos Quesadillas And Synchronized

Very easy wheat flour tortillas for burritos, quesadillas and synchronized: presentation

I bring you some tortillas that you will use a lot because they are the perfect base for burritos, quesadillas and synchronized. Do not know what to dine and you do not have much time to dedicate to the kitchen? These tortillas are perfect because, besides, I give you a trick to keep them. It is best to do a significant amount. You will need few ingredients and you will surely have them at home. You can eat them cold and hot, with sweet or balance, and in the video I show you two ways to prepare them: a burrito and a synchronized. I hope you get ready to prepare them and you’ll see what times they get you out of a hurry.

Wheat Flour Tortillas Very Easy For Burritos Quesadillas And Synchronized Ingredients:

  • 500 grams of all-purpose wheat flour (4 cups)
  • 240 ml water (1 cup)
  • 100 grams butter (1/2 cup)
  • 7 grams of salt
  • 16 grams of baking powder or chemical yeast
  • Flour for marble (approximately 100 grams or half a cup)
  • To fill in:
  • Ham and cheese
  • Lettuce, corn, tuna and mayonnaise

Wheat Flour Tortillas Very Easy For Burritos Quesadillas And Synchronized Wheat flour tortillas very easy for burritos, quesadillas and synchronized: preparation of the recipe

  • Pour in a bowl tempered water, melted butter, salt, and the chemical yeast along with the flour through a sieve. Remove the mixture and stir in the flour gradually until a dough is obtained. When the mass goes off the walls it is time to pass it to the marble.
  •  Put flour in the marble and wet your hands with olive oil so that when working the dough does not stick. Knead the mixture for about 5 minutes. Grease a bowl of olive oil and put the dough ball inside to rest. Let it stand covered with a cloth for half an hour at room temperature.
  •  Put a bit of olive oil on a paper and return to wet your hands with oil. Make balls the size of a small egg with the dough and place them on the paper. (Watch the video of the recipe). When you have all the balls, cover them with a cloth for 20 minutes.

Wheat flour tortillas

Step-by-step preparation of wheat flour tortillas

  •  With the floured work surface, stretch each ball with your hands and then stretch it better with the roller trying to shape as round as possible. If the dough sticks, add a little more flour to work it better. Make the pancakes as big as you can, but make sure they fit in your frying pan. You should stretch the dough as much as you can so they look fine. If you have made the dough well, you will see how it will not be broken.
  •  In a very hot pan, with the fire to the maximum, place the tortilla very stretched and let it be done about half a minute for each side. Leave the pancakes made on top of a cloth, covered, so that they do not dry. Do the same with all the tortillas.

Wheat Flour Tortillas Very Easy For Burritos Quesadillas And Synchronized How can we fill tortillas?

  •  To prepare it in cold, add a little lettuce, mayonnaise, corn and tuna. Distribute the filling well, then roll. You will have a fajita the air of rich and prepare it in record time.
  • To prepare them in hot, put the pancake in the warm pan by the face that is more white. Spread cheese on top and york ham. Cover with another tortilla and let it brown on one side and then turn it over and brown on the other side. You will see what synchronized simpler and delicious you have left.


Trick to conserve tortillas

To keep them, and do not dry them, you can put them in a supermarket bag and close it very well so that no air enters. Keep them in a cool place. You can save them in the fridge if you wish.

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