Wreaths For Brides: Ani Bürech

The wreaths are a complement that is getting more and more strength between brides. The vintage trend has also come to weddings and with it floral ornaments are a must.

The dresses tend to simplicity and pay much more attention to the complements of the bride. That is why wreaths or head adornments are becoming more and more fashionable.

Wreaths For Brides Ani BürechFrom natural flowers in the form of a crown or diadem, artificial flowers with a very natural finish that withstand the highest temperatures or wreaths, garlands, diadems and other types of headdresses made of metal are the most popular options and sometimes find what a search is quite complicated, is not it?

Wreaths For Brides Ani BürechDo you know Ani Bürech ? I think it is a perfect place to find what you are looking for. Super vintage inspiration and quite simple proposals. I think you can find your designs in El Corte Inglés, but for those who do not have it so handy there is also the website.

I personally love them although I do not know if they would fit me well or if I would be able to wear it all the time without finishing a disaster. Also, as it is something that I do not use habitually (obviously but neither anything nor half similar) I do not know if it would be comfortable. It’s worth a try, is not it? In the photos they are so cute…

Those who are planning a wedding, have you considered using something similar for your day?

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