Zen Style In Your Bedroom

Zen Style In Your Bedroom

The style Zen moves away from classicism and excessive ornamentation in the rooms, seeking harmony and balance through mimic nature and use of materials.
The energy sources close to the bedroom must be positive so that if there is negative in the surroundings (a cemetery, for example) and that can also be seen from the interior of the room, it will have to be compensated with a source of energy Positive and place it inside. Rushing water, fire, natural materials, living plants or a mirror in front of the window will help compensate for negative energies.Zen Style In Your Bedroom

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The Zen style uses pure, dense colors, predominating over all whites and blacks, earthy, beige, gray and the most used materials are natural wood and concrete tree beech and glass.

The furniture that is used within the rooms should seek simplicity in their design lines so we will flee curves and unnecessary baroque sims that do not fit naturally and always opt for straight lines that invite order outside and inside. The material will hardly contain gold, stamped or an artificial composite mixture, finishes that would help to break the peace and harmony so sought after by this style. Ideally, the room everything is in place and possibly saved with austerity and good taste.Zen Style In Your Bedroom

In a room like a bedroom, tranquility prevails and the purity of white. Avoid putting a headboard in the forge, perhaps the most appropriate would be a smooth front piece of beech wood with veins a little darker. The comforter could be light-colored cotton with the rest of the matching bedding. For a total effect of harmony in the room, the lighting will be of low intensity and if possible should be even hidden.Zen Style In Your Bedroom

Another symbol of harmony, beauty, and love of life, are the plants and flowers. The small gardens will be a source of peace and quiet for those who have at their disposal to enjoy them.

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