10 Reasons Why One Could Be Fired

10 Reasons Why One Could Be Fired

There are many reasons why an employee may be fired from your company. This time a group of employees are those who have shared a variety of reasons that could lead to dismissal, among which we can highlight the excessive use of social networks in working hours, having a bad attitude and stealing, just for Mention some. Unfortunately there is a group of workers who can be fired for no apparent reason, usually those who do not have job stability. There is also another group that is backed by a bargaining agreement or work contract, which you can fire only for serious misconduct.

10 Reasons Why One Could Be Fired“But most employers do not usually lay staff without a cause, which means the employee is fired for a specific reason,” says Alison Doyle in his article ” Top 10 Reasons for Getting Fired ” on the portal about.com. For this reason it is important to know the main reasons why they can throw workers out of their jobs.

  • Damage the property of the company.
  • Possession of drugs or alcohol at work.
  • Falsification of Company Records.
  • Bad behavior.
  • Low performance.
  • Steal information or articles from the company.
  • The use of company property for personal matters.
  • Taking too much time off.
  • Violate company policy.

10 Reasons Why One Could Be FiredEmployers consider grounds for dismissal when:

  • The worker uses the phone extensively for extra work.
  • They use the Internet for non-work related activities.
  • The employee loses time in the office or interrupts his colleagues.
  • Look for another job during office hours.
  • Check out indecent web portals.
  • He is unable to develop the job.
  • It does not adapt to the rhythm of work.
  • They are often absent.
  • You lie on your job application.

10 Reasons Why One Could Be FiredAnother reason for a worker to be dismissed has to do with the type of relationship that he maintains with his teammates, if we are faced with a toxic person, it is possible that he may infect the members of the work group, affecting the productivity of the company.

10 Reasons Why One Could Be FiredIt should be kept in mind that many employers have a policy detailing the disciplinary measures that can be taken against workers who often fail to comply with the behavioral guidelines, for which it is necessary to review the employee manual or ask the Human Resources department for information on policies and procedures of the company.

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Before committing any of these faults you must consider that being fired is a stain that cannot be erased from your file. If the fault was serious, it is likely that other organizations will consider your exclusion from the selection processes and make it more difficult to find future employment.

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