10 Security Tips For A Long Distance Internet Relation

10 Security Tips For A Long Distance Internet Relation

You know that a long distance relationship can be difficult, especially if you have never found the other person. However, communicating regularly, being honest and taking the time to really get to know the other person, is how that online relationship can be developed.

It is also necessary to make sure that the other person does not use this type of communication in order to defraud him, since the absence of the encounter in person allows one to lie more easily and hide his intentions. But often, we forget another type of protection that can bring you confidentiality issues using an unreliable dating site.

Why not protect yourself by becoming aware of the following 10 tips for your meetings at a distance and in that way avoid being harmed and living restlessness?

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10 Security Tips For A Long Distance Internet RelationOur 10 Security and Protection Tips in Remote Internet Relationships

Seek to know the other person better

Choose together privileged moments to talk on the phone, email, Skype or any other means to talk online. Make sure it is a time when you will not be interrupted. These moments will help them learn about the other person and feel closer and more confident.

Be honest and sincere

It does not appear to be a person that you are not just to please the other person and have the same tastes, if you want to live a long-term relationship, then accept your differences and be honest and sincere towards you so that no one will feel cheated later.

10 Security Tips For A Long Distance Internet RelationFind ideas to help your relationship online

Keeping an online relationship can be difficult, since physical contact is lacking. To make your relationship enjoyable, you can start a Blog, or open a Facebook account for both of you, in order to access and share articles or photos with the other person. Do not send romantic gifts, such as sweets, flowers or something nice. It is more valuable and romantic to do it in person.


Make sure the meeting site is legitimate

One of the first things in the distance relationship over the internet is to make sure that the website used is trusted. If you must pay an enrollment, make sure that the website starts by an http or https address. Never use sites hosted in countries that censor information such as Russia, China, Cuba, etc.

10 Security Tips For A Long Distance Internet RelationVerify the confidentiality parameters of the meeting site

Before signing up, make sure your private life is well protected and that the company does not share your personal information with third parties. Can you withdraw the requested mail and the publicity that could keep your personal data?

Protect your identity

Choose an unidentifiable pseudonym and avoid sharing your real name, address, social security number or citizenship where applicable, your employer’s name, work address, date of birth, etc. Do not give your phone number before you feel completely confident and when it is ready; just disclose your mobile number so that your address can not be found by a quick and easy search on the internet. Keep any other personal information unavailable during any communication or online relationship.

10 Security Tips For A Long Distance Internet RelationTrust your feelings

If the person you are communicating with affirms inappropriate things and hurts you, then be careful in your reaction and seek your truth in your own feelings. You can point this situation to the site administrator and in this way block any unwanted communication.

Do not send money for any reason

Their intention is to find someone and not to meet their needs. Be wary of those people who ask for money no matter how incredible they use and the sufferings they manifest, these people seek to scam you. Stay vigilant and avoid falling into traps despite the beautiful deceptive appearances.

Avoid becoming too personal or familiar quickly

When you engage in a distance, online relationship, situations can change quickly. Wanting to take things slowly without being too familiar is a guarantee of success. But wanting to find the other person as quickly as possible creates a rejection and mistrust in the other person. Your goal is to be with the other person face to face, then hurry slowly!

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If you receive threats or harassment

If you receive threatening or harassing emails, do not continue the communication and keep the written evidence in case you file a complaint with the local authorities. Remember, online harassment is a crime in many countries and you should never feel ashamed to ask for help.

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