Top 10 Tips From “Sex And The City”

Top 10 Tips From Sex And The City

Conflicts between the stars “Sex and the City”almost every week amaze the public with a heat of passion. And while the fans of the series are discussing the latest quarrel between Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker, we decided to succumb to nostalgia and remember the best advice of the most famous New York moviegoers. After all, the series, which was released in 1998, still remains the main phenomenon of the television world: film critics believe that it was “Sex and the City” that changed the idea of real life in a megalopolis and debunked many social stereotypes.

Here 10 tips from Sex and the City You Should Learn

1. Being lonely is not a problem

The leitmotif of the saga “Sex and the City” – the search for a loved one and his own harmony in a relationship. All the heroines have argued repeatedly that any gap is a step forward, and one must be honest primarily with oneself.

“Some women are not created to be tamed. They are created to be free until they meet someone similar to be free together. “Top 10 Tips From Sex And The City

2. Be yourself and do not lose your individuality

In each of her relationships, Carrie Bradshaw initially tried to seem ideal to her chosen one. But in the end, I realized that trying to change yourself for someone does not lead to success and do not forget who you are. After all, tomorrow you can meet a man who loves you the way you really are. It was Mr. Big who taught Carrie to love herself and take care of herself: with him, she changed her style, moved to a big apartment and established her professional life.

“Even the best relations are always built on compromises. But how much can we sacrifice for another person before we stop being ourselves? And where is the line beyond which compromises turn into self-destruction? “

3. Find your unique style

Sex And The City series is famous not only for its storyline but also fashion images of the main characters. Fans loved four friends for the fact that each of them is an individual and in every way emphasizes this in his style. Carrie leads a column in a fashion magazine and shows trends, lowering all salary to new shoes. Miranda is a successful lawyer, she prefers strict suits and a short haircut. Samantha is the director of her own PR agency, a secular lioness and a lover of sexy dresses. Charlotte is an art critic with a classic conservative style.

“Shopping leads to a woman’s creative potential.”

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4. The value of friends and listen to them

The friendship of the main heroines confirms that at critical moments of life a friend can give the right advice or help survive a difficult period. When Carrie wanted to move to Paris for Petrovsky and quit her career, it was Miranda who helped her understand that this could be a fatal mistake.

“They say that nothing lasts forever. Dreams change, trends come and go, but friendship never goes out of fashion. “Top 10 Tips From Sex And The City

5. Being able to laugh at yourself and in relationships

Sometimes a sense of humor can help make a career, and a good joke is to save a marriage. A striking example of this is the relationship between Charlotte and Harry, who laughed at each other’s oddities and did not take them seriously.

“The universal mind is not always fair to us, but it has a great sense of humor.”

6. Love has no age

The heroines of the series did not despair when their next relationship ended in a break. They continued to fall in love and not regret their feelings, calmly and ironically referring to their age. Only in the last season of the series, Samantha met Smith, who was younger than her for 20 years and became her real love.

“There was a merry-go-round in my life, there was a room for laughter, and, finally, I met a man with whom you can stop and do not run anywhere. Do not you want to stay with me? “Top 10 Tips From Sex And The City

7. There are no ideal relationships

Do not idealize other people’s relationships, which seem to be a picture. When Charlotte married the wealthy aristocrat Trey McDougle, their life looked like a happy ending – a brilliant career, money, a luxurious apartment in the center of New York. But behind the closed doors of their bedroom, it became clear that these people have nothing in common. And only when he met the fat lawyer Harry, Charlotte became really happy, although no one at first believed in their union.

“It’s all about Valentine’s Day. Hundreds and hundreds of postcards with the declaration “You are the only one!”. Hundreds and hundreds of phone calls with the same obsession, but the problems are wider than love. We have been looking all our lives for what makes our life ideal: an ideal job, an ideal family. Maybe you should not waste your life on an empty expectation? ».

8. Take bad luck, learn from them and move on

The main lessons of life we receive in times of crisis, so do not get stuck thinking about your mistakes. The best teacher is negative emotions, which we analyze and from which we draw conclusions. Samantha long tried to survive the betrayal of Richard and allowed him to manipulate his feelings. But she was able to let go of the situation and protect herself by breaking these toxic relationships.

“Ultimately, computers break down, people die, relationships fall apart … and the best thing we can do is take a deep breath and reboot.”Top 10 Tips From Sex And The City

9. There are no ideal men

Carrie Bradshaw always personified Mr. Big not with a real person, but with his fantasies about a prince on a white horse. At the beginning of the relationship, he was the man of her dreams, but after a while reality disappointed her. It’s Carrie who teaches you to take off rose-colored glasses and evaluate men by their actions.

“It turned out that the most dangerous territory for fantasy is a reality.”


10. Sometimes the most important thing is just learning how to wait

How did Carrie Bradshaw prove a million times: do not hurry up with buying new shoes (wait for the sale), or moving to another city (is it worth changing all your life for a man?), Or marrying (true love is worth its weight).

“Relations, like couture outfits, are terrible if they do not suit you completely.”

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