11 Best Nudist Beaches In The World

11 Best Nudist Beaches In The World

The sun, the sea, the sand, and on the sand – absolutely naked people. No embarrassment and white stripes from the leotard upon returning home. Twenty years ago, this kind of recreation was rather exotic and inaccessible, now the nudist beaches have become quite common and even familiar in many parts of the world. In this article, we collected information about the best of the official beaches, where you can sunbathe without clothes.

Here 11 Best Nudist Beaches In The World

Swanbourne Beach, Perth, Australia11 Best Nudist Beaches In The World

Perth is on the western sparsely populated coast of Australia and from Sydney before it to go long enough. This is approximately from New York to San Francisco or from Moscow to Novosibirsk. The beach of Swanbourne rewards the white sand dunes, pure blue waters of the Indian Ocean and a company of hundreds of young cheerful nudists. Sunbathing in clothes is not accepted here. All summer months (in Australia this is the period from December to March) on this beach is held “Naked Olympics” for beach sports.

Beach of Tahiti, Saint Tropez, France11 Best Nudist Beaches In The World

Tahiti is located on the Pampelonne coast and is considered one of the best beaches on the French Riviera. Here it is customary to sunbathe topless, but there are corners where they rest completely naked. The beach of Tahiti has become famous since the distant 50-is of the last century thanks to Brigitte Bardot and the film “And God created a woman,” the scene of which was shot here. Like good wine, over time it only got better. Among the advantages of this liberated and respectable place can be called its proximity to the city of Saint-Tropez, which we love rich and famous and attracts tourists eager for a taste of luxurious life.

Playa den Bossa, Ibiza, Spain11 Best Nudist Beaches In The World

This is a famous nudist beach on the Mediterranean coast on the famous Ibiza tusovka. The long and wide Playa d’en Bossa is the biggest beach on the island; there are many bars, restaurants and even hotels for every taste and purse. The beach is famous for its fashionable parties, bright sun, white sand and azure Mediterranean water.

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Montalvo beach, Bordeaux, France

11 Best Nudist Beaches In The World

It was on this beach on the Atlantic coast of France in the 1950s that a nudist culture was born. It is interesting that this beach is considered a family beach and is especially good for holidaymakers with children because it is a guarded fenced private area.

There is a campsite where you can stay with tents, chalets for rent, supermarkets, bakeries, and restaurants are open. For tourists, there is children’s club, surfing school, tennis court, volleyball and basketball courts and swimming pool.

Jerolim, Croatia11 Best Nudist Beaches In The World

This beach, very beloved by nudists, can be found on the small island of Yerolim in the Adriatic Sea, near the famous Croatian large island of Hvar. The nudist community he is recognized as one of the best in Europe since here the beauty of the naked body is especially revered and very attractive people come here. The beach is well equipped; there are showers, restaurants, and bars.

Wreck Beach, Vancouver, Canada11 Best Nudist Beaches In The World

The world’s largest nudist beach is called the Wreck Beach due to the debris of a ship thrown ashore in the sand. He enjoys great popularity among the students of Vancouver, because from the University of British Columbia to it several hundred steps. But not only the spectators of lectures are frequent guests: on a long, 8-kilometer sandy beach in warmer months bald eagles nest and naked people from all over the world lie. The beach is well equipped, there are even shopping arcades with souvenirs and body art studios, and local musicians often give concerts.

Haulover Beach, Florida, United States11 Best Nudist Beaches In The World

North of Miami Beach on the east coast of Florida, a beach is open, where a lot of people come pampering naked on white sand. Very popular (on average it is visited by 7 thousand people a day), a nudist beach with a length of about a kilometer is well guarded. Tourists feel here safely and actively get to know each other, flocking here for the sake of this from different parts of the world.

Morfa Dyffryn, North Wales, United Kingdom11 Best Nudist Beaches In The World

This beach is considered the best of many English nudist beaches. It is located on the coast of Wales between the city of Bournemouth and the castle of Harlech. In warm summer days, hundreds of nudists from all over the country gather here, many here and tourists. The beach is small and therefore looks crowded: families come here, and single nudists from both sexes, and in the northern part gays gather.

Praia do Pinho, Santa Catarina, Brazil11 Best Nudist Beaches In The World

On the Atlantic coast in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina

In 1987, the official nudist beach of Pino was opened. His motto: “clothes will not work,” and sunbathing in bathing suits is in fact forbidden. The beach is very popular not only among Brazilians: there are naturists from Uruguay, Argentina and other countries of South America.

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Bellevue Beach, Copenhagen, Denmark11 Best Nudist Beaches In The World

The beach is a 15-minute drive from the Danish capital is very popular with the nudists of Northern Europe. There are design cabins for changing clothes, stylish rescuers and deck chairs. It’s a pity to dip into the warm waters of the North Sea only from May to September.

Makena Little Beach, Maui, Hawaii11 Best Nudist Beaches In The World

One of the oldest and most popular nudist beaches in the world in the world, Little Beach on the Hawaiian island of Maui has not yet received the official title. It is not equipped at all, so you need to take water and everything you need with you. In the 70’s, this secluded corner obscured from prying eyes by rocks, was chosen by the hippies, who were first chased by the police. Now lovers of naked rest have been left alone, and people sometimes come to the island only for the sake of rest on the famous nudist beaches.

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