5 Management Positions Most In Demand In The Next Six Months

5 Management Positions Most In Demand In The Next Six Months

After the change of government, a reactivation of the local economy becomes increasingly evident, which is reflected in the labor market? Diego Cubas, ManagingPartner of Cornerstone Peru, maintains that in recent months this reactivation has become more evident, companies have begun to reevaluate their strategies and structures that will accompany them in this process. We expect the labor dynamics to increase by around 50% by the end of this year.

Companies are preparing for that projected growth, looking for leaders who know how to obtain the greatest benefits from this economic recovery. According to Cuba, these are the five managerial positions with the greatest demand for the next six months:

5 Management Positions Most In Demand In The Next Six Months1.- Commercial Manager with a focus on strategic market development.

2.- Financial Manager with business orientation.

3.- General Manager with an integrating vision and orientation to the market.

While in organizations with more complex structures include:

4.- Project Manager / PMO

5.- Manager of Digital Transformation

¬†5 Management Positions Most In Demand In The Next Six MonthsOrganizations are currently looking for candidates with the potential and capacity to generate value in changing and dynamic contexts and who possess cross-cutting skills to move from one area to another. “When organizations look for a commercial manager, prefer one with the potential to become general manager or when it comes to financial manager is the same, no longer seek the expert, but the leader in finance,” says the specialist.

In contrast, the demand for managers in support areas has recently declined, including human resources, information technology, accounting, among others. This is because many of these positions have been “clustered” or regionally centralized. For example, it is common for a company with sales of one hundred million dollars and operating in several countries in the region to have only one business partner that reports to a director who is in Colombia.

5 Management Positions Most In Demand In The Next Six MonthsLikewise, the remunerations have been revealed according to the rhythm of economic growth, decreasing in support positions between 10% and 15%. If a manager has to be replaced with a remuneration of S / 30,000, the company would offer his replacement a salary of S / 25,000. It is worth mentioning that the downgrade practices of positions and the downsizing of areas will continue to be applied in the market. In Aptitus.com you can choose to use the featured profile service if you want your data to appear as the first alternative.

5 Management Positions Most In Demand In The Next Six Months95% of management positions are covered by Peruvians. The remaining 5% is occupied by foreigners who are basically sent by their parent companies to assume leadership roles in Peru for corporate development issues, or when it comes to highly specialized technical positions, local companies seek knowledge of other markets more developed. You can complement this information by reviewing the Aptitus Blog article entitled ” Millennials CEO: in 20 years they will manage 85% of companies “.

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