5 Places Most People Forget To Clean In Their Homes

When you clean your home, how meticulous are you about it? I’m betting some of you are thinking you scrub every inch of the place from floor to ceiling. Your weekly chores are done without fail and everything is spotless, no question.

Chances are you missed a spot or two. Unthinkable you say. You vacuum the floors, wash the toilets, even dust under the couch, nothing has been overlooked. But it’s very possible there are some things you forgot. In fact, there are probably five. It’s perfectly okay, you’re not alone. These areas of the home are some of the most commonly forgotten when it comes time to do the household chores.

Dirt and bacteria are sneaky that way, it may not seem like there are problems but when you look or even sniff closer, you can tell there’s something wrong almost immediately. Don’t let your house fall in disarray without you even knowing it.

Take a look at these five places in your home and see if they’re really clean or if you’ve been neglecting them for too long. But when you hire The Maid Crew, we won’t miss any of them.

1. Upholstery

You may have swept and vacuumed around all of the furniture in your home…but did you give a thought to the furniture itself? Your upholstery needs routine maintenance as it can collect germs and bacteria over time.

Think about all the time you and others have spent sitting and lying on your couch and chairs. Sweat, dead skin, and all manner of dust mites and debris have likely collected. If you have pets and they sit or walk on your furniture upholstery, consider where their paws have been. Now maybe you want to think twice about the cleanliness of your home and wipe down your upholstery.

While you’re at it, don’t forget about the throw pillows either. They bear the same brunt of all that grime and filth that gets left behind from consistent use.

2. Kitchen Trash Receptacle

This one is kind of a no-brainer even if it’s roundly ignored by most of us. Your trash-can in the kitchen collects most of the primary refuse in the house. We’re talking about everything from discarded food (both raw and cooked) to all of the spent cleaning supplies you used to tidy up the home. When you vacuum, chances are you spill all of the dirt and other gatherings in that garbage can.

Since the kitchen contains so many potential contaminants that can cause you and your family to get sick, that trash receptacle can get pretty gross. Ever notice how the room and part of the house starts to smell bad until you take out the kitchen trash? That means you’re collecting a lot of foul bacteria and, unfortunately, the trash bag isn’t getting all of it.

So the next time you’re cleaning, give the trash can a good look. If you don’t like what you see, take care of the problem by scrubbing the interior and exterior with a strong disinfectant. Anything with bleach should do the trick nicely.

3. The Dishwasher

Wait, why would you need to clean out the dishwasher? Doesn’t the appliance clean dishes with soap? So the inside of the unit should be clean from all of that washing with hot water, right?

Wrong. Dishwashers need their own routine maintenance as well because their internal mechanisms like filters and drains can collect large food stuffs, not to mention hard-water deposits and soap scum that gets left behind. When these things are left to fester, it can create an unsanitary situation for you and your family.

That’s because some of that stuff can get pushed back into the dishwasher when it’s cleaning your dishes and they may not come out as clean as you might expect. Even if they look clean, you may notice some lingering residue and you don’t want to eat off of that.

4. The Coffeemaker

You probably use it everyday, so when was the last time you cleaned it? Depending on the type of coffeemaker you have, it may have been awhile back. But if you don’t clean it on occasion your coffee will start to taste weird. That’s because you need to clean the system. Flush it out with a mix of water and white vinegar and that should take care of things.

5. The Washing Machine

Much like with the dishwasher, your washing machine probably needs some freshening up. But unlike your dishwasher the washing machine can develop mold and mildew from all of the moisture that gets into the drum. Luckily, you can mix some white vinegar with baking soda and run a cycle on the hottest setting, that will clean it out.

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