5 Ways To Save Water In Your Garden

Watering your plants is crucial if you want your garden to look clean and healthy. But even if you’re trying to create the perfect outdoor landscape, you still need to keep the environment in mind. The best landscaping tips from Pete Rose landscaping supplies and other earth-first brands will show you how to keep your garden flourishing without wasting a ton of water. That doesn’t just mean that you’ll be helping the environment: You’ll also be saving a bit of money in the process, all while promoting beautiful blossoms and greenery growth. So how is it done? How can you cut down your water use while turning your backyard into a green, gorgeous paradise? Here are a few tips for saving water while tending to your garden.

1. Don’t Overwater

While you never want to risk the possibility of a dead, under-watered plant, overwatering can be just as bad, both for your plants and the environment. An easy way to tell whether or not you’ve overwatered your plants is to stick a small shovel or spade into your dirt. It should come up damp, but not soaking. If it comes up dry, you need to water more. Keeping an eye on your soil in general is a good way to tell whether or not your plants are being overwatered. After a time, you’ll be able to tell what overly dry or too-wet soil looks like just by eyeing it. Your plants will also look a bit darker if they’re getting too much water.

2. Protect the Soil

Good soil is key to healthy plant and vegetable growth. That’s why it’s important to know what healthy soil looks like at a glance. Different types of soil, such as clay and sand, will look different when they’re being overwatered. In general, you’ll want to keep your soil healthy by adding enough mulch for moisture retention, using compost and water release granules that will hydrate your plants over time, and using organic products to create a healthier environment for your soil to thrive in.

3. Use the Right Tools

As with most aspects of gardening, the tools you use are important. Timed sprinklers are great for the gardener on the go. They’re also easy to set and forget about and deliver the perfect amount of water to large, grassy areas over time. Hoses and watering cans are good for the strictly DIY gardener, but getting an irrigation system installed will help larger gardens thrive over time.

4. Reuse Water

If you live in a place that’s pretty rainy, you can easily reuse rainwater to help your plants grow. You can use kits to do this or simply place a large bucket with a filter on top underneath your drain. Even if you live in a dustier climate, you can harvest your rainwater and use it throughout the year without having to turn on the tap nearly as much.

5. Throw in Some Succulents

One quick and easy way to keep your garden looking great is to throw in some plants that don’t need watering, such as cacti or other succulents. Not only are they fairly self-sustaining and environmentally conscious, they’ll give your garden a few diverse, interesting focal points and new textures, especially if you live in a drier climate.

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