7 Cool Ideas For Small Kitchen

7 cool ideas for small kitchen

Too small kitchen – the eternal problem of small apartments. And not only residents of the U.S.A, but also many inhabitants of seemingly quite prosperous many capitals suffer from it, for example. There are a lot of studio apartments in Paris, which can be called not just small but tiny. Apartments with an area of 20-30 square meters there is not uncommon. Sometimes, they are so small that even making a decent photo of the interior from a normal perspective becomes an almost impossible task. But even in such chambers, practical Parisians manage to fit both the living space, and the kitchen, and the bathroom, and the mini-cloakroom. It turns out, of course, very differently.

However, after seeing literally hundreds of photos of real mini-apartments, where the inhabitants of Paris and the guests of the French capital live, we came to an unequivocal conclusion: it is quite possible to equip a cozy space in such an apartment. And even allocate a little space for a comfortable and fully functional, albeit tiny kitchen.7 cool ideas for small kitchen

Of course, this is not a kitchen in our usual sense, rather a kitchen corner in the studio space. It is difficult to indulge in the culinary experiment and enjoy a leisurely meal, but you can cook homemade food and eat in a relaxed atmosphere. Let’s see what design solutions for the interior of a very small kitchen should be noted.

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Very small kitchen – 7 design features

  1. Most often, very small kitchens perform an exclusively utilitarian function, so it is very rare that they are made bright. As a rule, on the contrary – they try to disguise, hide behind the cabinet doors, deaf neutral facades, and hide household appliances, kitchen utensils and various devices from the eyes.
  2. In most cases, for very small kitchens, designers offer monochrome solutions. In a small space, neutral white, beige, sandy, and gray look very advantageous, especially if they are supplemented with bright or graphic accents. Such an interior is easy to change, using various accessories and additions – textiles, carpets, lamps.7 cool ideas for small kitchen
  3. Rational use of each centimeter of the useful area here is raised to the absolute. In the first place here come practicality and functionality, rather than beauty and originality. As a rule, very small kitchens are equipped with only the most necessary. A minimum of furniture is a specially designed suite for a small kitchen: a small lower cabinet with a worktop, a compact sink, a hob with two burners – no more. Sometimes, instead of the bottom locker space under the countertops occupy a compact small refrigerator or washing machine. The upper cabinets are also very modest in size. Sometimes instead of them, you can see open shelves, but more often these are smooth, simple, laconic facades.
  4. Sometimes a kitchen set as such is not available at all. The role of the kitchen in very small apartments is often performed by a closet, a storage room or a niche in which everything that is most necessary – a sink, a microwave oven, and a simple kitchen scrap – can hardly fit.
  5. A small bar in a very small kitchen often replaces the table. Alternative bar counter – a very compact square or round table, sometimes – a folding table or a dining table-transformer with a folding table top.
  6. The microwave is most often placed in a wall cabinet on a special shelf. Less often – on the worktop, where it takes up a lot of space.
  7. Even in the smallest kitchens, you can see the railing, thanks to which small kitchen utensils are kept in order and will always be at hand.

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