7 Tips To Survive In A Small Kitchen

7 Tips To Survive In A Small Kitchen

If you want to renovate the kitchen or just give it a new look, but you have the problem of reduced space, do not despair. There are simple and practical solutions to make the most of the space available and create a practical, functional and enjoyable workspace. Below, I’ll give you some tips that will help you organize and decorate your small kitchen.

Focus on light colors7 Tips To Survive In A Small Kitchen

The white and light tones always create a feeling of amplitude and brightness, so it is perfect for small spaces. Regardless of the colors, you like, focus on white, pastel colors or the whole range of grays that is very fashionable. Choose the glossy finishes for the kitchen furniture, they will give more brightness to the environment. As for the floor, choose light colors, as dark tones make rooms smaller.

Lighting is very important7 Tips To Survive In A Small Kitchen

If you have natural light in your kitchen, make the most of it and place curtains or blinds that let the light pass, always in light tones to give brightness to the room. It is very important to distribute the light points well, since the kitchen is, above all, a work area, and therefore must be properly illuminated. It combines powerful, distributed illumination on the ceiling ( halogen or a beautiful neon ) with other points of light. In the work area, place the spotlights or a series of LEDs under the tall cabinets; if you have a table the kitchen, add an industrial lamp, which is very fashionable. You will find the market kitchen models with light incorporated into drawers and cabinets. If you want to add a special touch, light up the shelves: it will create a fantastic effect.

Choose multifunctional furniture7 Tips To Survive In A Small Kitchen

The furniture with various uses is essential for a small kitchen. With them, you will make your kitchen more comfortable and functional. On the market, you can find extractable pieces that you will need as an area to store objects or food and thus exploit any hole. You can also mount a removable worktop, which will give you an extra work area.

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A good distribution of space

  • If your kitchen has a few meters, it is essential to take advantage of every hole available :
  • The furniture must be distributed in such a way as not to hinder circulation once the doors have been opened.
  • Replace the cabinets with shelves, with this solution you will be able to gain space and areas to store items such as plates, cups, glasses, etc.
  • If you do not have space to store the tools you use the most, hang them up; they will give the kitchen a retro look.
  • Use the fridge magnet to hang a magnetic spice holder, a very original solution.
  • Place a gap between the counter and the tall cabinets, it will be very comfortable and you will gain visual amplitude as well as double the light.
  • Take advantage of the free walls to place magnetic plates where you can hang accessories and everything you need to have them at your fingertips.
  • On the market, there are small appliances, designed just for small spaces. The dimensions of the hoods must be related to the space of the hob.

The order is essential

7 Tips To Survive In A Small Kitchen

The key to a good distribution of a small kitchen is to keep order. Keep the work area free so you can have more space. Put the order in the drawers and cupboards with dividers so that each object is in place. Finally, order them by categories and get rid of tools you do not use.

Folding tables: perfect for small kitchens7 Tips To Survive In A Small Kitchen

If you have enough space in the kitchen, placing a table is a good idea, since, in addition to having an extra area to work, you can have breakfast or a snack in the kitchen. The most recommendable is the folding ones since you will only open them when you need them and you can close them easily once you have finished using them. Look for models that have drawers or a space for storing tablecloths, napkins, and cutlery.

Sliding doors7 Tips To Survive In A Small Kitchen

One way to take advantage of the space is to replace the normal doors with the sliding doors: you will get more space to move easily in the kitchen. Choose glass doors; they will bring you visual breadth and brightness.

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