It’s all about the amazing taste of authentic pasta dishes

Any trip to Italy or to an Italian Restaurant in Dublin isn’t complete without tasting some of the delicious pasta dishes that this country is renowned for. If you are looking for somewhere in Dublin to taste the delights of all things Italian, then it is worth taking a look at Even if you are someone who enjoys making pasta from scratch, there is something special about Italian pasta dishes.

In Italy and Italian cuisine pasta comes in all shapes and sizes and whilst most have successfully made the transition across the water to the UK you may not be aware of the vast array that is on offer to you.

Bigoli- this thick spaghetti like pasta is popular in the northern regions of Italy and is often served with seafood sauces and cream sauces. Much like the sauces that you will see as an accompaniment to tagliatelle.

Strozzapreti – another pasta that is popular in the north this twisted pasta is a much more rustic version of fusilli style pasta. It is often matched with light oil-based sauces such as pesto.

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Trofie – these are a slightly longer version of strozzapreti and are frequently served in the north area and again are served with smooth sauces.

Gigli – a popular pasta found in the central regions of Italy the name gigli translates as “lillies” and the pasta shape resembles the fluted shape of a lily. The pasta is particularly popular in the Florence area of Italy which has as its local emblem the lily.

Chitarra – found in the central regions and is another spaghetti style pasta that is served with a creamy sauce. The name chitarra means guitar and fine strands of pasta resemble the strings of a guitar.

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Penne – probably a more common pasta type that you will have cooked and eaten on more than one occasion. Penne is popular in the southern areas of Italy. The name means “quill” and the angular cut ends resemble the nib of a quill or fountain style pen. This pasta type is served with richer tomato and meat-based sauces as the tube opening is perfect for collecting some of the sauce. This is also why penne is a popular choice for using in a pasta bake.

Some of the pasta types that you will be more familiar with are spaghetti, linguine, vermicelli, fusilli and tagliatelle.

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