Analysis Of Bulletproof Or Bulletproof Diet

Breakfast in the garden: oatmeal cereals with berries on the dark wooden table, selective focus

Analysis Of Bulletproof Or Bulletproof Diet

Bulletproof Diet? The creator of this diet is an American billionaire, who claims to have invested more than 15 years and $ 300,000 in deciphering the secrets of his method. David Asprey, as he is called, claims to have lost 45 kilos, increasing his IQ by 20 points; got better rest in fewer hours and rejuvenates, there is nothing!

What is the bulletproof diet?

The bulletproof diet shares bases with the paleo diet, the hyperproteic , the low carbohydrate diets and even the vegan ones. Its objective is to reduce toxins and inflammation. But just as high protein diets generate kidney damage, according to a study from the University of Granada.

The bulletproof diet is based on a high consumption of saturated fats such as grass cow butter, coconut oil, avocado or TCM oil as an energy source and to promote the burning of fat deposits by ketosis mechanisms.

 Bulletproof DietABC of the bulletproof diet

The bullet-proof diet proposes that 50-60% of the calories in the diet come from healthy fats, 20% from proteins and the rest from vegetables.

The breakfast is exclusively an ecological coffee with organic cow butter and organic coconut oil, which by the way is sold on its website.

It only allows you to eat between 2:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m., leaving a fasting period of 6:00 p.m.

 Like the Coherent Diet , the diet approves of bullets, proposes to reduce to the maximum the intake of: refined oils, omega-6 oils (corn, soy, canola), unstable omega-3 oils (flax, peanut, walnut), sugar , honey, agave, high fructose corn syrup, sweeteners, fruit juices, sports drinks, additives (glutamate, artificial colors).

It proposes the consumption of fresh, seasonal and organic vegetables due to its lower content of pesticides and fertilizers (asparagus, Kale, spinach) and 2 pieces of fruit per day, preferably red fruits and sweet fruit.

Unlike our method eliminates gluten in ALL PEOPLE, which is a mistake, because it can favor a secondary intolerance to gluten by eradicating it from the diet of people. In case of a celiac person, it can delay the diagnosis, with a false negative in the antibody analysis.

Neither does it allow eating vegetables, which does not seem right, since they are a source of high quality vegetable protein. Its content in lectins is inactivated when soaking and cooking them, so we do not see it necessary to prohibit them.

In Coherent Diet we recommend consuming sweeteners with moderation, because they also exert an effect on insulin, weight gain and body fat. According to Asprey, you have to avoid them.

The bulletproof diet promulgates the benefits of saturated fat from coconut oil and grass-fed organic cows (whole yogurt, whole milk, butter, lard). It allows beef, lamb, bison, pork, chicken, turkey, duck, fish, shellfish and eggs.

This diet recommends adding thyme and fresh rosemary to the dishes but avoid spice mixtures because of their possible mycotoxin content.

Breakfast in the garden: oatmeal cereals with berries on the dark wooden table, selective focusDifferences bulletproof diet and Paleo diet

Both the bulletproof diet and the Paleo diet are not healthy alternatives to delay aging according to the recent study from the University of Sydney. The excess of proteins decreases the hepatic hormone FGF21 (Fibroblast Growth Factor), which reduces the defenses and increases the risk of diabetes and cancer. But in this article we will analyze your postulates, so that you can get a global idea.

Asprey argues that their diet is the best for living longer and exceeds the Paleo diet, because it does not provide toxins such as lectins and mycotoxins:

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The lectins of legumes, grains, potatoes and peppers are a defense system against microorganisms, pests and insects. They allow the seed to remain intact as it passes through the digestive system of the animals, for later dispersal.

When the lectins damage the intestinal wall they can cause a response of the immune system in general, getting the body’s defenses mobilized to attack the invaders. The symptoms can range from skin rashes, joint pain and inflammation in general.

The good news is that these “antinutrient” components of the legumes are deactivated by soaking for at least 12 hours and then cooked in an express pot. Another alternative with fewer lectins is to take the germinated legumes (sprouts) or the fermented soybeans (tofu, miso, natto and tamari).


The paleo diet provides a large amount of mycotoxins, from grains, nuts or seeds that have not been properly stored. Fungal spores grow in a humid and hot environment and at high concentration generate toxicity at the neurological level. Important quantities have been found in chocolate, nuts, coffee, cheese, processed meats and in general in processed foods.

Breakfast in the garden: oatmeal cereals with berries on the dark wooden table, selective focusTypes of fat recommended in the bulletproof diet

There are several saturated fatty acids that are converted to ketones and are a source of energy in the brain, independently of carbohydrates:

The caproic acid or hexaenoic (C6H12O2) has bad taste and digestibility

The caprylic acid (C8H16O2) usually has a taste and intense smell, reminiscent of goat. Caprylic acid (C8) is found in coconut oil (6%), palm, butter and breast milk. It facilitates ketosis and the burning of fat deposits. It improves the balance between bacteria and candidas, alleviating the symptoms of abdominal swelling, irritable bowel syndrome, emotional highs and lows, hypertension. It seems that the mechanism of action is the suppression of interleukin 8.

The capric acid (C10H20O2) can be found in cow milk, breast milk, coconut oil (9%) and palm; It has a creamier flavor but a less efficient energy conversion than caprylic. It improves HDL cholesterol and reduces LDL, has antimicrobial properties, reduces the percentage of body fat and increases lean mass.

The lauric acid (C12H24O2) should be classified within the long chain triglycerides. There are different oils in the market; the best is the biological one.

The coconut oil provides 3 fatty acids: caprylic, capric, lauric.

The MCT oil (Medium Chain Triglicerydes or medium chain triglycerides) is composed of capric and caprylic, in a proportion 6 times higher than coconut oil. It is very satiating; it is used as a quick fuel in the liver, which favors thermogenesis. It encourages the body to enter ketosis. On the bullet-proof diet website, they sell it for € 35 a liter.

The XCT oil ( Xtra MCT Oil ) is a blend of virgin organic coconut oil that is sold on the web of bulletproof diet. It contains 6 times more MCT than standard coconut oil; it provides only capric and caprylic. It is liquid at room temperature and does not need a refrigerator. It seems to improve intellectual performance and digestion, but we have not found any scientific evidence on these claims.

The ghee or usli ghee is a kind of clarified butter is often used in Indian and Pakistani cuisine.

The oil Octane Brain is deodorized and tasteless, making it appear as the most suitable to maximize your intellectual performance and energy. It is 100% caprylic acid and 18 times more concentrated than coconut oil. The web warns that it can generate diarrhea!, that the dose is increased gradually and that it can be added to soups, smoothies, sauces …

Bulletproof diet exercise

In the same way as Coherent Diet, Asprey opts for high intensity interval training: to activate metabolism and burn fat deposits. You commit the imprudence of not recommending aerobic or cardiovascular exercise, which is also important in a healthy lifestyle.


The bullet-proof diet proposes to take only the “greased coffee” breakfast and eat nothing until 2:00 p.m. Dinner must be before 20:00 to leave a fast of 18 hours. Find the effect of intermittent fasting.  The caloric restriction has benefits in overweight people as in all diets slightly hypocaloric, so it does not provide anything special. And in the face of social and family life, logistics is complicated.

If the hyperproteic diets reduce the hormone FGF21 and favor premature aging, ideally a diet that increases its level and helps achieve the ideal weight and improve the lipid profile, such as the Coherent Diet.

Instead of gorging on saturated fats and expensive, Asprey proposes (although the coconut is not as bad as previously thought), we can stimulate the hormone FG21 with a moderate protein diet and rich in omega-3, from fish blue (salmon, tuna, herring, sardines) or seaweed. Because vegetable sources (flax and chia) are not assimilated efficiently.

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