Be your own fashion designer – Getting into making your own clothes

Getting into making your own clothes is one of the most rewarding hobbies that you can have. Not only is making your own clothes fun, but it is also practical, and as you improve you will be able to start coming up with your own unique designs, so you can have one of a kind pieces that nobody else will have!

Most of us now would have no idea how to make our own clothes – with clothes being made abroad being so cheap and easily available in this country, it has lessened the need for people to learn to make their own clothing at home. But many of the clothes made abroad are made in poor conditions by underage and underpaid workers. By making your own clothes, at least you will know that you made it, and can be sure it is ethical.

To start off with you don’t need much. A sewing machine is a must, but it doesn’t have to be an all singing all dancing one – as long as it can do the basics! If you want to try it out beforehand, borrow a sewing machine if you know someone who has one, or if not, see if you can get a second-hand one. Practice on scraps of fabric and familiarise yourself with the machine before you dive straight into making clothes.

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Once you have mastered the machine, you will need to learn to read a sewing pattern. It can look quite complicated to a beginner, but there are plenty of magazines and tutorials that can help you with this. It is a good idea to practice your design on an inexpensive fabric before you go for it on the real thing, just to make sure that you have it right and cut the pattern correctly. There are all different sorts and patterns of different dressmaking fabric out there, and the pattern will recommend to you what sort of fabric is suitable and what is not. You can get dressmaking fabric from – remember to consider what it is that you are making and what fabric is practical.

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When you have mastered the basics, there is always so much more to learn – it is a very rewarding hobby as you progress you make amazing creations not only for yourself, but your designs will be very popular with friends and family looking for a unique outfit!

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