Business Idea For The Opening Of A Car-Care Center

Business Idea For The Opening Of A Car-Care Center

Nowadays, many people change public transport to a car. The number of such people is constantly increasing. The need to repair machines and maintain them in terms of the technical condition is directly proportional. Car-care center service is always needed. Its services are used by all motorists. How to open a service station and car service so that they bring a good profit? For this, it is important to think thoroughly. It is necessary to develop such an option for organizing your enterprise so that all cars can be serviced in it.

Let’s talk about the car-care center

The development of this market is necessarily affected by the number of machines that are currently available in our country. If you analyze the last decade, you can understand that there was a threefold increase in the fleet. What is currently included in the market structure:

  • Auto services of an authorized type, specializing usually on a certain brand of machines. Entry into this business is associated with enormous difficulties. Manufacturers of cars and dealers (official) are very serious about choosing their immediate partners.Business Idea For The Opening Of A Car-Care Center
  • The car-care center of network type. Their representation is in many regions. Today this segment is still poorly developed.
  • Individual car-care center. They do not have accreditation. Among the owners of cars, these companies are very popular. The cost of all services here is much lower. Savings can be up to 30%.
  • Transport service on an individual basis. This can not be called own business. But the demand for such services is quite large.

What you need to open SRT

To car service, organized by you, has become a successful business, you need to consider such criteria:

  • What services will be provided
  • Your potential audience
  • Areas for production
  • Professional Workers

It should be remembered that by law the maintenance company should be removed from residential objects at a 50-meter distance. There must also be a central sewage system. Everything should be coordinated with such services as SES, fire department and traffic police.

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You must clearly represent all the ways in which you can approach the service. It is also necessary to find out where the competing firms are located. For car service, an area of 300 sq. Meters is required. Be sure to conduct an analysis of the activities of all your competitors in advance, and also find out what brands of cars people currently choose. To STO was successful, it should work as a car repairman with the highest possible qualifications. To open a car service it is necessary to register an IP and select the payment of the UTII tax.Business Idea For The Opening Of A Car-Care Center

A bit about services

It is very important that the Car-care center offers the widest possible range of services. Most beneficial: repair the engine and gearboxes, change the steering gear, as well as the clutch. The most unprofitable repair is the work with the brake system. Remember that this service must also be included in the list of your works. An excellent option if you choose any particular specialization. This can be, for example, working with glasses (tinting) or tuning. You can also serve only certain brands.

Let’s analyze the market

A newly opened service can be successful. To do this, he has every chance. Although there are a lot of competitors, often the services are performed extremely inoperative. Be sure to analyze how your immediate competitors are working in the neighborhood. It is necessary to pay attention to:

  • The services they provide
  • Cost of all services
  • Potential audience

This will help you discover those niches that are still completely free. Also, you will find the weaknesses of another car-care center.Business Idea For The Opening Of A Car-Care Center

Be sure to place outdoor advertising. It should be located next to the shopping and entertainment facilities, clubs. Do not interfere and ads in various publications. An excellent option is to open your resource in the worldwide network.

Under the future, SRT should purchase or rent a room. In addition, you need:

  • Buy a lift. Its minimum cost is 40 thousand dollars
  • Acquire all the tools. This will take 100 thousand dollars
  • Buy diagnostics. The minimum price is 60 thousand dollars

Also, there may be a need for another technique of a highly specialized plan. Features of the service affect the necessary staff. Two masters should work constantly. To do this, you need to hire 4 people. Manage the service can an employee or the owner personally.

The financial side

To find out when the service will pay off and how profitable it is, you need to find out what expenses are needed and what revenue is planned.

The biggest costs:

  • Acquisition of all equipment and its direct installation requires 2 million dollars
  • Advertising requires 30 thousand dollars
  • The agreement will take 20 thousand dollars

Result: 2 million 50 thousand dollars

Costs of the current nature:

  • You need 150 thousand dollars for rent.
  • Costs of the current type and various materials – 80 thousand dollars.
  • On the salary – 200 thousand dollars.

A total of 430 thousand dollars.

Now about the income:

  • Monthly revenue will be 500 thousand.
  • The estimated profit is 70 thousand.

If the service is organized correctly, the profit will be stable. In order for the cost to pay off, you need a certain time.

It is necessary to purchase spare parts and establish good relations with direct suppliers. You will find all the catalogs on the websites of manufacturers and dealers. If you want, you should go to exhibitions and choose suitable suppliers for yourself. Remember that the application must be made in advance, taking into account the seasonal fluctuations of a certain demand. It’s good to buy for future use. It takes a lot of money to do this, but everything you need for quality repairs will always be at your fingertips.Business Idea For The Opening Of A Car-Care Center

In order to maximize profit, concentrate on those services that are most profitable and in demand. This is the repair of the body, the replacement of tires, painting and car washing.

To increase the profitability of the company, customers should become more, and costs less. To do this, you can expand the number of services provided, buy less expensive equipment, pay less for rent, or spend less on advertising your service.

You can buy a car service

The purchase of a ready-made service will save you from having to untwist it. The average price will be 60,000 dollars. If you decide to buy a ready-made company, then:

  • Find out the lease term and the possibility of renewing it.
  • It is important to keep experienced workers.
  • Formalized relations with firms supplying spare parts are mandatory.
  • Analyze the place where the service is located. Is there a convenient access.
  • Determine how good the equipment that is available.
  • These conditions necessarily affect the cost of the finished service.


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