How To Choose A Red Lipstick

How To Choose A Red Lipstick

Women who use red lipstick have always been considered bright and sexy. Do you want to try on the image of the fatal beauty? The main thing in this business is the correct choice of a shade of red lipstick. It is important to consider many factors – hair color, skin color, eye color. In a word, first, you need to determine your color pattern.

A shade of red lipstick depending on the color

ColorType is a color that best suits your appearance, taking into account the color of the eyes, hair, and skin. There are 4 main types of appearance, named after the seasons. For clarity, the table shows their characteristic features.

How To Choose A Red Lipstick

Spring. By the spring color type are girls with a warm tinge of hair, skin, and eyes.

  • Hair – golden-brown, wheat, amber, straw;
  • Eyes – light blue, blue with yellow impregnations, gray, green;
  • Skin – light, freckles, slightly yellowish shade, milky, peach.

This is the most common among the Slavs appearance type. More details on how to be painted and what to wear to a girl-spring, read here. We will dwell on the subtleties of choosing red lipstick.

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You will like warm shades of red. It can be coral, brick-red, orange-red, scarlet lipstick. You do not need to choose cold plum, burgundy shades, they do not harmonize with your appearance.

How To Choose A Red Lipstick

Summer. Despite its name, it represents cold shades of appearance. Muted tones, the color of sand, dust, smoke.

  • Hair – ash-blond, cold shades of brown;
  • Eyes – light, from steel to gray-blue;
  • Skin – milky-white with a bluish podtonom, pinkish.

You will like maroon, cherry, plum, marsala, crimson, the color of red wine. All these are shades of red lipsticks, which will suit the summer color. Choose not bright, and dusty colors, it will emphasize the mystery and aristocracy of the image inherent in it.

How To Choose A Red Lipstick

Autumn. Admire the autumn landscape. He fascinates us with bright warm colors of yellowing leaves, orange-red leaves under his feet. That is why the woman-Autumn has warm shades of appearance:

  • Hair – honey-red, chestnut, walnut-reddish, copper-gold;
  • Eyes – blue, amber, golden-brown, green;
  • Skin – transparent with a golden pod, swarthy with a gold position. Choose a red lipstick with a shade of bronze, with a golden radiance, red-brick tones and you will look more impressive.

How To Choose A Red Lipstick

Winter. Probably the most catchy appearance is a woman-Winter. She goes bright, clean tone, thanks to the contrasting shades of hair, skin, and eyes. This color type is cold, like Summer, but the most expressive.

  • Hair – black, chestnut, dark-blond with a bluish tinge, platinum blond;
  • Eyes – rich shades of blue and blue or dark brown, almost black;
  • The skin is porcelain, beige, pinkish, or very dusky with cold tones.

For winter, scarlet, bright red, wine, blueberry-red, maroon, cold red-brown shades of lipsticks will suit, they are most emphasized cold frosty appearance.

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How to apply a red lipstick

Picking up a red shade of lipstick, you must correctly apply it to the lips because it is the red color that requires special care. For this, observe several rules:

  • Prepare the skin of the lips before applying lipstick. Wet the toothbrush and gently rub your lips. By doing this, you remove the keratinized cells. Then apply moisturizing lip balm. All this will contribute to a more even application of lipstick.
  • Flawless skin tone. Red lipstick requires careful correction of skin tone, too. visually highlights shortcomings. If necessary, use correctors for the face.
  • Powder the lips before applying lipstick. This is necessary in order to keep the lipstick longer and lay more evenly.
  • Use a contour pencil. Draw a clear contour over the powder with a red pencil under the tone of the lipstick, this will help more accurate application of lipstick.
  • Use a brush for lipstick. Using a brush, you can control the application, as well as save the expense of lipstick.

If you follow all the rules for using red lipstick, you can easily choose the shade that suits you.

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