How To Choose Silver Earrings?

How To Choose Silver Earrings?

Silver is never an aging classic. Ornaments from this noble metal, if properly selected, perfectly complement the fashion image and emphasize the exquisite taste of the fashion. Today we will talk about silver earrings. What to look for when buying? How to choose the shape of earrings and the color of the inserts? About everything in order.

Where to buy silver earrings

Jewelry from silver can last a very long time if you buy them in the right store. After all, in the markets and in the small, dubious reputation of sales outlets, it’s easy to run into a fake. There is a wide choice, guaranteed high quality of products and democratic prices.How To Choose Silver Earrings?

Quality of silver earrings

If you buy a certified jewelry from a precious metal, which is silver, it necessarily has a brand of the manufacturer. The main information on the hallmark is a test. Silver products, which are available in the assortment, the higher the sample, the more silver content in the decoration. If you are not allergic, then decorations will suit you, even with a low breakdown. To those women of fashion who have allergic reactions, it is necessary to prefer earrings with the highest breakdown. After all, silver itself is hypoallergenic, because the reaction of impurities added to the composition. And the less of them, the less likely that the product will not suit you.

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Picking up earrings with an oval face

Even the most beautiful earrings do not decorate you if you simply do not combine with your appearance and face shape. A lot of interesting models and shapes of silver earrings. There are perfectly suitable for you.

  • Oval face. If you are lucky enough to be born with a face in the shape of the right oval, the choice of earrings is unlimited. Round, diamond-shaped, triangular – all these earrings will look great on you. If the oval of the face is somewhat stretched, avoid elongated options, for example, models on chains.
  • Round face. Overt attention from the excessively plump cheeks earrings in the form of drops or an inverted triangle.
  • Pronounced cheekbones and pointed chin are a very feminine shape of the face. You will be especially adorned with large earrings-rings.
  • Square face. For this type is characterized by a rather heavy chin. To soften it will help silver earrings in the form of an elongated oval with a minimalistic design. Not bad will look and droplets.

How To Choose Silver Earrings?Choosing Earrings With Stones, Take Into Account The Color Of The Eyes

Fashion women like earrings with inserts made of precious or semiprecious stones. When picking stones, consider the color of your eyes.

  1. Brown eyes. The best solution is to play in contrast. Give preference to light stones – white or pink pearls, cacholong and others.
  2. Gray eyes. Gray-eyed beauties should take a closer look at earrings with pale pink stones. It can be, for example, amethyst or tourmaline.
  3. Blue eyes. The bottomlessness of your eyes is perfectly accentuated with earrings with aventurine, sapphire or blue topaz.
  4. Green eyes. Your best choice is chrysolite, malachite and emerald.

Silver earrings are gentle, exquisite and always fashionable. Choose and wear them with pleasure!

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