A clean and clutter free environment is great for your business

Each year statistics are released looking into the number of people who have taken time off work sick each year along with the number of people who are happy in their jobs and the retention rates of some of the countries biggest employers. Catching a cold is one of the inevitabilities of life and we can everything we can to help boost our immune systems to be able to cope with being attacked by unwanted viral invaders. Each year supermarkets and other stores sell thousands of packets of vitamins especially during the winter time when people are seeking an extra boost during the colder weather. We should gain all the vitamins and minerals that we need in our food but in actual fact our diets are such nowadays that we are usually deficient in one element or another. But other than taking on board the general health advice of eating healthily, making sure you drink enough water, getting exercise and reducing stress in our lives is there anything else we can be doing?

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Well, there is something that your employer can be doing. There is a link between the cleanliness of your workplace and the instances of illness experienced by staff along with the level of morale and even productivity within the business. One of the best ways to achieve this is to employ the services a company that provides Office cleaning in Cheltenham like http://intocleaning.co.uk/services/office-cleaning/ Here are some of the positive impacts that having your workplace regularly cleaned could have:

  • The most obvious is the positive impact that regular cleaning has on the hygiene levels of your workplace. This in turn helps to combat any easily spread illnesses such as colds and flu and can help to reduce the number of sick days that your staff take each year. Some of the dirtiest items in your office are the computer keyboard, telephone hand sets and water coolers.

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  • A clean and organised office also helps to boost staff morale as employees feel more valued when they are in surroundings that are carried for and looked after. You can make your staff feel more comfortable in an environment that almost gives them a home from home feel.
  • Productivity will increase simply because items are easier to find. If your staff members are having to wash items up before they can make a cup of tea, that is more time away from their desk. If workspace areas are cluttered it can take more time to find the paperwork that you are looking for. So, having your place of work regularly cleaned and enjoying your staff to work in a clutter free environment will have a positive effect on your business.

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