Considerations to Take with a Corn Snake

Corn Snakes make very popular pets to reptile lovers – they are relatively easy to care for, and for that reason they are considered the ideal ‘starter snake’. But if you are considering taking a snake on and you are new to reptile ownership, then you may want to consider these important points before giving a snake a new home…

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Corn Snakes live on average for around 10 – 15 years. Make sure that you are committed to caring for your pet for this length of time. It is worth finding yourself a specialist reptile vet before you take on a snake, so that if you have any concerns you will already know where to go. Also, see if you can find any other Corn Snake owners, who will have the experience to be able to help guide you.

The temperature is important to any reptile. Reptiles require a thermogradient – this means that they need a warmer and a cooler end of the vivarium. You can use a heat lamp or a mat (make sure that if you are using a lamp it has a guard that will stop the snake pressing against it and getting too warm). The area where the snake basks and absorbs heat should be between 27 degrees Celsius and 32 degrees Celsius and the cooler end should be around 20 to 24 degrees Celsius. You will need to monitor these temperatures with a thermometer at each end of the vivarium. Make sure that the heating in your home is warm enough – A Boiler Installation Gloucester company including can help you with this.

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A Corn Snakes main diet is mice and rats. When you are feeding your snake, it is important the prey has defrosted thoroughly and is no larger than 1.5 times the size of the widest part of the snake’s body. This is where having a friend or a good reptile vet comes in – they can advise you the size of the food to feed to your snake if you are unsure. It is worth finding a stockist of frozen mice or rats before you take the snake on, so that you can ensure you always have a good food supply for your pet.

Corn snakes can get very used to regular handling – the main thing to remember is that 10 – 15 minutes is the longest recommended period of time to handle the snake for, otherwise the core temperature of the snake’s body will drop too low. Also, remember that although corn snakes do bite when feeling threatened, the bite is not venomous – if your snake is feeling threatened it will show you by putting its neck in an ‘S’ shape. If it does this leave the handling to another time. Make sure that you support the snakes body with both hands when handling.

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