Diablo – Enduring For Decades

Diablo is one of those game series that seems to have been around forever, just like the online Bingo Australia has to offer. And, just when people start forgetting about Diablo, an update or new game release brings it back to life almost instantly. It is one of few game franchises that seems to endure no matter what happens.

But just what is it about this game series that has given it such a long lifespan? Let’s take a look.

Original Diablo

The first Diablo game released in 1996. Originally on PC, the game was ported to a number of other platforms over the years, including almost all iterations of the PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The basis of the game was simple; the player took control of an adventurer who set off into dungeons on various quests. Viewed from an isometric viewpoint, the game was not especially graphically impressive. But what it did feature was highly addictive gameplay.

Simply speaking, Diablo was about killing hordes of enemies. And, furthermore, there was very little in the way of skill required, at least as far as the combat was concerned. A simple click of a mouse generally resulted in a dead enemy. So what exactly was the appeal?

The game focused on progressing and getting gradually stronger, as opposed to difficult combat. So, over the course of many hours a player would create a substantially more powerful character, while creeping deeper into ever more difficult dungeons. This feel of progress would be the key for all Diablo games.

Diablo 2 And 3

When Diablo 2 released in 2000 it saw many improvements. More character classes were available, a vastly increased number of enemies and weapons, as well as more complicated and sweeping level designs. The core of the game, however, remained virtually unchanged. The game was more or less a massive expansion of the first, and players were more than happy. Diablo 2 sold millions of copies, all but cementing the franchise as one that would endure for many more years.

Diablo 3 followed many years later, in 2012, and saw the game finally enter into the world of 3D graphics. Although, it should be noted, the view of the game was still strictly isometric. After a rough launch with many issues, Diablo 3 settled into being another roaring success. The core of the game was once again mostly unchanged, but for the addition of cooperative play. It was reported that by May of 2012 the series had sold a staggering 24.8 million copies.

Diablo Today

Diablo 3 is still running, and receiving updates to this very day. Although the game is not as popular as it once was, many still flock to get a look at each new update and expansion. And, considering that the original Diablo is now two decades old, this is no small achievement.

There have been growing rumours about a Diablo 4, but no solid announcement yet. One can only assume that a fourth instalment into the franchise would be an amazing one.

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