Discover The Best Series To Learn English From Netflix

Discover The Best Series To Learn English From Netflix

Learn English, One of the most fun ways to improve your English skills is to watch your favorite series. This is because the series uses a daily, informal language and deals with a specific topic, which will help you enrich your vocabulary.

During the last years, Netflix has become one of the most used tools to watch series, since it offers a lot of interesting and fun programming. So you can use it to practice your English and discuss them with your friends.

In addition to enjoying the series, you can practice understanding different accents, such as American and British and you can learn new vocabulary that will help you improve your level of English.

Before recommending some series, we want to give you some tips to make the most of this exercise:

  • Dedicate part of your free time to watch series in English that you like. This way you will stay motivated while doing this exercise.
  • Watch the series with English subtitles. This way you will be able to relate the pronunciation of the words with your writing and also, you will improve your understanding of the language faster. If you meet at a basic level, you can start watching the series with subtitles in Spanish and then when you feel more comfortable, place them in English.
  • Start with series in English that adapt to the level at which you find yourself. You do not want to start with one that uses very complex vocabulary because it will be more difficult to understand.
  • If you have already seen the series or you have a notion of the plot, the better. The more you know about the series, the easier it will be to understand when doing this exercise.
  • If you want to imitate a specific accent, like the British one, record yourself while you repeat the words and the intonation and compare them with the original one.
  • Look at the same chapter two or three times so that you can better understand the pronunciation and meaning of the new words.

The best series to learn English on Netflix

Series for beginners

If you have just started learning English, we recommend you to see simple plot series, which you can easily follow, that contain short dialogues that allow you to effectively internalize the vocabulary and pronunciation of the words.

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Terra Nova

This series is based on a future in which humanity is forced to travel to the past and live with dinosaurs. It contains short and direct dialogues, where the actors vocalize clearly and the action is self-explanatory. It is an easy to understand and ideal series to review everyday vocabulary.

The Walking DeadDiscover The Best Series To Learn English From Netflix

If you like zombies, this series will love you! The plot is very simple to follow and the dialogues are not complicated to understand, so if you want to learn English while enjoying action and suspense, you can start with this series.


The series of action are usually characterized by short and simple dialogues. This series is also based on the well-known story of Batman, so the content of it will not be strange and will be easy to follow. So, if you like action, suspense and fiction stories, this series is perfect for you.

Series for intermediate level

If you already feel more comfortable with the language, see series in English that contains different accents, that include expressions characteristic of the English culture and more specific vocabulary, will allow you to continue advancing in your learning.

Here we leave some fun and interesting series:


It is interesting to see again from the beginning this classic series and relive all those moments that marked us. Although it may contain characteristic humor of the American culture, if you have already seen it, it will be easy for you to understand. In addition, this makes it perfect for learning expressions that you can use during your conversations.

The Shooter

This series includes different accents and the characters speak faster, but it is easy to understand since it contains a simple vocabulary. In addition, the tension generated makes you be very attentive to the screen, which increases your level of attention to the need to find out about every detail. So, if you want to tune your ear with different accents of English, start with this series!

Stranger ThingsDiscover The Best Series To Learn English From Netflix

This series is perfect if you find yourself at the intermediate level. If you are interested in science fiction and you grew up in the 80s, you cannot miss it. Although it may contain a more advanced vocabulary, with the help of the English subtitles and the characters will make it possible to follow the interesting plot with ease.


Because this series has a cast of actors from various countries, you can enjoy different accents in English and thus sharpen your ears. The plot deals with the story of the Viking Ragnar Lodbrok and the looting that he carried out in France and Great Britain.

If you like the story and the action, this series is perfect for you to learn English.

Series for advanced level

The advanced level series includes more elaborate dialogues and characters that speak faster. This will help you refine your listening comprehension and continue to expand your vocabulary.

Let’s see some series:

The Big Bang TheoryDiscover The Best Series To Learn English From Netflix

English humor is complex to understand and in general, this aspect is the last thing that is dominated by a foreign language. If we also add that we are talking about scientific language, double meanings, and frigid jokes, we have a cocktail difficult to understand. Prudent subtitling the series in original version only for people who already master English.


If you find yourself at an intermediate level, you may be interested in this series set in the professional field of lawyers. The actors speak a little faster and the dialogue is more complex since the specific judicial language comes into play. If you are a lawyer or you are interested in this topic, do not miss it!

Sense 8Discover The Best Series To Learn English From Netflix

It is the ideal series for your ears to get accustomed to different accents. The complexity of the plot and the speed of the action, make it be placed at the advanced level, but there are dialogues that are actors from around the world are quite clear. Highly recommended if you want to listen and enjoy a complex and different series.

If you want to increase your options to perform this exercise, here you can find more series in English that may interest you.

There are many more series in the Netflix catalog that can help us improve our English, choose according to your level and your taste and follow the aforementioned tips to perform this exercise more effectively.

As you can see, learning English can be fun, there is a variety of series in English. So, if you want to master the language and acquire a good understanding and fluency, that will help you to develop successfully in any situation, do not stop watching series on Netflix in English.

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In the learn English course, you can learn English in a fun and successful way. With our blended learning method, which combines interaction with our teachers and the use of technology, you will learn English in a completely different way than you know from experience. This course offers you the possibility to develop the language progressively, making sure you have understood each lesson before continuing.

In addition, if you want to put your conversational skills into practice, you will be able to attend the complementary activities carried out in the center, so you can reinforce what is seen in the lessons in a fun way and applying the content to real life. This can be done individually and with other students of your same level, which will help you to develop with confidence, acquire greater fluency and meet new people.

Watch series in English and improve your skills!

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