Do you have too many clothes?

Are you addicted to fashion? Think you probably own too many clothes or shoes? Here are some tell-tale signs that you might be buying way more than you could ever wear in a lifetime:

  1. You can’t close your drawers anymore and haven’t been able to for quite some time.
  2. When dealing with your laundry basket, you have to fold items neatly just so everything will fit inside it for use as additional storage space.
  3. There once was an ordered system but not anymore. Items are just thrown in as it arrives.
  4.  You’re forever making fascinating discoveries of things you didn’t even know you owned. This fills you with joy, quickly followed by shame and guilt because you’ve never worn this brand-new item.

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5. You never have enough hangers and constantly have to add them to your shopping lists.

6. You need to store your clothes by season as you simply don’t have enough space otherwise.

7. You cannot live without vacuum bags and every day give thanks to whoever invented them.

8. You know your postman/woman by their first name, that’s how often they are delivering parcels to your house.

9. Your partner has told you that each time you buy a new garment or pair of shoes you must get rid of something you no longer wear.

10. You dread having to choose an outfit for a wedding or special occasion, let alone packing a suitcase to go away on holiday!

11. You actually feel sympathy for the clothes that you don’t choose to wear. You must get around to making it their turn soon.

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12. When you find an item that fits perfectly, you buy it in as many different colours as the store has available.

13. Long ago you began to encroach on your partner’s side of the wardrobe and now they have only a tiny space left to hang their clothing.

14. The majority of your spring clean is taken up by an audit of your wardrobe, purchasing bin bags and donating huge amounts to your local charity shops.

15. This makes you feel great, until you realise you’ve parted with some of your favourite items, so you go to the charity shop to buy them back immediately.

16. You spend a lot of time doing internet searches for new walk-in or fitted wardrobes. For Hampshire Fitted Wardrobes, visit

17. Attempting to audit, tidy, sort out your wardrobe is becoming like a second job.

18.  The staff at your local charity shop know you by name as you’re there handing in bags every couple of months.

19. You find shoeboxes underneath your bed that you can’t remember buying and have most certainly never opened.

20. Nobody ever buys you clothes as gifts because everyone knows you have too many.

21. Each time you receive an invitation to an event, you buy something new despite having a wardrobe full of outfits with the label still on.

22. Everyone tells you they’ve never seen you wear the same thing twice.

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