Don’t Make These Camping Clangers

Camping is a bit like marmite, you either love it or you hate it. For those who love it, you can bet that when they were camping newbies, some mistakes were made. Camping requires a certain amount of preparation and having adequate equipment and supplies. When there are this many variables, mistakes can and do happen. Here are some to avoid for your next camping trip:

The Tent

The basic, most fundamental piece of equipment yet you’d be surprised how many people get this wrong. If you’re re-using a tent, always erect it before you go away to check it’s still in usable condition and you still have all the necessary bits for it. It’s a good idea to air it too or your first night will be spent with everything smelly musty. If you’re buying a new tent, put it up before you go as well so you don’t embarrass yourself on site, looking clueless and reading instructions!

The Weather

If the forecast is good for your planned trip, don’t get carried away and leave the waterproofs at home. They say if you don’t like the weather in this country then wait 10 minutes – and this is so true. Britain’s weather is notoriously changeable so always be prepared. Have some wet weather activities in mind too to prevent sulky afternoons in damp tents!

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Pitching in the dark

Pitching a tent by torchlight is never fun, no matter how easy to erect you think your tent is. Hunting for tent poles in the gloom is not the best start to a holiday and the tent rage will set in before you’ve even toasted a marshmallow! If a late arrival at camp is unavoidable then get yourself a couple of headlamps or hands-free torches to ease the stress.

Forgetting the important stuff

How many camping trips have been forcibly abandoned due to the absence of essential camping items. Accidents can happen, especially when travelling with children so if you’ve forgotten the plasters, painkillers or bandages then you might come unstuck. Repair kits are another crucial item that if forgotten, also have the potential to cut short a pleasant trip. Get a rip in your tent? Have the handy duct tape to hand, spare rope and the anti-septic wipes for whoever just cut themselves whilst tripping over the guide ropes! For all your essential camping gear, visit an Online Bushcraft Store at

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Have you made a reservation?

It’s a risky business turning up at a campsite without a reservation. Nothing puts a damper on proceedings than the prospect of spending the night in the car or having to go home. If you’re travelling with little ones, can you bear the disappointment, tears and tantrums after they’ve been stuck in the car for hours? No, didn’t think so!

Insect Repellent

It’s a gorgeous summer evening, the sky is huge and the stars are glistening. You’re tempted to ditch the tent and sleep al fresco to have an authentic wild camping experience. What might look idyllic by light can turn into an irritating, biting swarm of midges by dark. Forget the insect repellent at your peril!

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