Don’t Send Cash in the Post – Try These Ideas Instead

When thinking about Christmas gifts, sometimes the best present for someone who has everything is cold hard cash. But it can be risky to send cash in the post, so consider some alternatives. From gift vouchers to bank transfers and cheques, there are many ways to offer a monetary gift without risking your money in the post.

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Gift Vouchers

A great alternative to cash is a gift card or gift voucher. You can find vouchers for the recipient’s favourite store which are valid for around two years. Giving a voucher or gift card feels a bit more personal than actual cash, as it must be spent in a certain store on the types of items stocked there, whether that is clothes, books, music or gadgets. This means the item is usually going to be a treat, which makes it more of a ‘proper’ present. Despite the potential problems with gift cards expiring or the company going bust before the recipient gets a chance to use them, gift cards remain very popular as a present.

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Email is a handy way to give monetary presents. Gift vouchers can often be sent by email for an online retailer, making it even more convenient than physical gift cards and ideal if you are running late. Another idea for email presents is to use an e-wallet such as PayPal to send cash via the web, which is safer than sending cash through the post.

Prepaid Cards

Another idea for a cash gift is to send your recipient a prepaid card pre-loaded with money. Cards like this can be used in-store and online to buy all sorts of goods. If you are running late with your gift, you could use one of the same day couriers available, such as, which makes sure your present arrives quickly, even if you forget right until the last moment. This is also ideal for last-minute birthday presents.


A cheque is often a good idea when sending money, as this makes sure it is only redeemable by the intended person. Cheques don’t have a technical expiry date, and if the cheque is never received, you can stop it. If cash seems a bit cold-hearted, at least your recipient can spend it on exactly what they want and will get a gift they like!

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