Eight Practical Tips For Dealing With A Difficult Boss

Eight Practical Tips For Dealing With A Difficult Boss

Try to exhaust all means possible to fix the situation with a difficult boss, otherwise the best thing is to take a step aside and look for new work alternatives.

Are you tired? You’re frustrated. You are unhappy. You are unmotivated. Your interaction with the boss puts you in a bad mood and you think he is a thug, matches and controller. In addition to always taking credit for your work, it never provides a positive environment, misses every scheduled meeting with you and never supports you in achieving your goals. Then you have the bad luck to be before a bad boss. The first thing that surely passes through your head is to give up, because you believe that such a person will never change, but there are many ways to deal with it.

Eight Practical Tips For Dealing With A Difficult Boss“It is possible that the boss lacks training or skills that are overwhelming him with the fulfillment of his tasks and cannot provide support or maybe he has been promoted too fast and must comply with requests from senior management beyond their means “Says Susan M. Heath field in his article” Bad to the Bone: Dealing With a Bad Boss “from The Balance. Then, we put at your disposal eight ways to fight or change course before a bad boss:

  •  Be frontal, talk to him and tell him what you need in terms of direction, feedback and support. Keep education and focus on your needs. Telling the boss who is a bad leader can be counterproductive and will not help you achieve your goals.
  •  Never stop doing your job, if you know that you have a boss who never recognizes your achievements, stop doing your job can be a cause for dismissal and there is nothing that hurts your career more than being stopped
  •  Try to talk with your colleagues to see if that same situation is repeated with them, if so meet and try to talk to the boss. If that bad attitude only applies to you, you should try to correct the situation with the human resources department.Eight Practical Tips For Dealing With A Difficult Boss
  • Another good way to cope with bad times is to seek a better qualified mentor, you can be a leader of another area of ​​the company, who understands the situation you are living with your current manager and support your claim. Keep in mind that most will not want to buy the lawsuit.
  • If the situation does not change you can formalize your claim in the Human Resources office to request some recommendations. Let it be understood that you are trying to improve the situation.
  •  Then, you must request your change to another area of ​​the organization. This measure must be handled with great caution to avoid reprisals.
  • If a transfer or promotion is not available, where you can be hired quickly thanks to the outstanding profile service . Step by step is always an option.
  •  Before leaving the company you can try to talk to that boss to tell him how his actions hurt his productivity. This conversation may impact your actions and modify your behavior to the benefit of your former colleagues. It is best to hold this meeting without fighting and in private.Eight Practical Tips For Dealing With A Difficult Boss

Good professionals know that in the face of such a serious difficulty, as a bad boss, they should try to maintain an optimum level of productivity, which in most cases is the best letter of introduction when postulating to new job opportunities.

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