The Essentials On Dog Diseases

The Essentials On Dog Diseases

Dogs like humans also get sick at times. And if you want to take a small dog to become your pet, it would be good to know all the diseases of dogs to prepare you for all eventualities. So I propose to talk today about dog diseases, the most common in all cases because there are also many of our four-legged friends.

The main dog diseases

For starters, there is contagious hepatitis, but also squamous disease. These two diseases are quite similar and are characterized by high fever, diarrhea, and vomiting. A square disease is accompanied by coughing, purulent discharge from the nostrils.

Parvovirus is an infectious viral disease that is very serious and is characterized by hyperthermia, depression and hemorrhagic diarrhea. The dog totally loses its appetite and ends up with a significant dehydration stage.

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Then there is a kennel cough, it is widespread in dogs that live mostly in large communities and often spend time in kennels. It is a contagious disease that is characterized by a strong cough, inflammation of the pharynx, purulent discharge, and fever.The Essentials On Dog Diseases

Leptospirosis, a highly contagious disease that is characterized by vomiting, heart failure, renal failure. The rage comes next; I think we all know it. Piroplasmosis or tick fever that makes the urine of the dog dark red

There are also diseases such as leishmaniasis and heartworm disease that are transmitted by mosquitoes. Finally, there is tetanus, it will be impossible to open the mouth, his ears will be abnormally erected and stiff, great salivation and a rigid approach will help you identify what he has.

Proper vaccination

Although these diseases are all dangerous, do not be scared if ever one of them reaches your dog. What I advise you is to carry out the vaccinations required for dogs from a young age.

As in humans, if you vaccinate your pet, he will be protected against these many diseases. Plus, the first thing you should do when you adopt a dog is to take him to the vet. If you do not want to be clogged with these tasks, it would be nice to buy a dog that has already been properly vaccinated.


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