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When you’re on holiday, you want to see the best views and get the best photos but a good city view can be hard to come by and when you find one, there is usually a long line of tourists and a hefty admission fee. Most big cities though have other options for breath taking skyline views and here we offer some them up as a less busy and less expensive option for great views:


Willis Tower, formerly known as the Sears Tower, has the attraction of the famous glass ledge which extends out from the building’s Skydeck. But for a quieter and calmer experience, take a trip to the John Hancock building’s Signature Room at the 95th floor where you can enjoy dinner next to a floor to ceiling window that provides 360-degree views of the windy city. For your own stunning views, think about replacing tired windows in your home Or if it is just a crack or its a little broken then an Emergency Glaziers Leicester company found at like including could come and help.

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New York

Most people head to the Empire State Building for the incredible views over the city skyline but if you want to include the iconic building itself in your pictures, then head to the Top of the Rock observation deck at the Rockefeller Center. You’ll find the tickets cheaper, it will be a little less crowded and you’ll get the Empire State in your skyline view.


The most famous Piazza Michelangelo will definitely be the busiest and while worth a visit, there are other places to great amazing views of the red tiled rooftops. Hike up the steps to the top of the tower of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, also known as the Duomo. Combine exercise and the reward of an incredible view.


The touristy thing to do is wait in line for a trip to the top of Berlin’s Fernsehturm Tower. A more unique experience is to book a flight on the Berlin Weltballon, one of the biggest helium balloons in the world. It reaches heights of 492 feet and gives you absolutely stunning views of all sides of the city.


Everybody understandably heads to the Eiffel Tower for breath taking views.  However, for a more romantic and intimate experience, take a trip to Parc de Belleville, Paris’ highest garden and one of the few remaining vineyards in the city. You will find many lookouts providing sweeping views of the city of lights in a much more natural setting.

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The Oriental Pearl TV Tower is a tourist hub in the middle of the city’s business district. It’s worth spending a little extra and visiting Flair, the Ritz-Carlton Pudong’s rooftop lounge that will position you face to face with the famous TV tower instead of being on it. You’ll spend more but it’s worth it for the spectacular photos.

Rio de Janeiro

Of course, Rio is world renowned for the impressive Christ the Redeemer statue which looms large over the city and serves as a fantastic lookout. Again, like other tourist spots, it can get pretty crowded. Instead, try hiking up Dois Irmãos (Two Brothers Mountain). The trail is short but quite steep so be prepared for a work-out but it’ll be worth it once you reach the top.


The tallest man-made structure in the country is the Sky Tower in Auckland.  It is a real tourist magnet with everything from viewing platforms and bungee jumping to restaurants. If you want a similar view but without the wait and the expense then Mount Eden, a dormant volcano that’s also the city’s highest natural point, is an ideal location.

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