Footbridge Inspired!

Footbridge Inspired

There’s nothing like starting the season! Ropita new on the shelves, many surprises, new trends and many clones and inspirations! Let’s review some!

In the past runways of summer 2017 one of the most marked trends in shoes and accessories were the braids and it was clear that it was something that we were going to see in stores that we are regulars!

Footbridge Inspired!Shoe clones Gucci proposes and Uterqüe disposes! And this time he wins the original! Look for more natural colors for spring!

Shoe clones and now it’s the turn of a clone that we could call chungo! Do you remember the super look Serena van der Woodsen in the first chapter of the fourth season of Gossip Girl? She strolls with Blair through the streets of Paris in a wonderful design by George Chakra (quite inappropriate for the occasion) that Forever Unique has had the delicacy of versioning us in super stupid version!!

Footbridge InspiredClearly inspired but the result is not to our liking

Shoe clones and this year have given them for the fruit prints! A Miuca Prada, as we saw at the Miu Miu Resort 2011 collection, likes apples and Anna Sui cherries!

And although the dresses have nothing to do, I do not think it’s a coincidence that Blanco’s print! By the way, I’ll keep the low cost version! Let’s hope it does not disappoint!!!

Footbridge InspiredShoe clones and another trend within the prints is the technological … Yes, Printed as if the garment was pixelated, as the proposals of Balenciaga and Versace!

I suppose it will not be something that spreads to the masses but Uterque has already decided to use it in some of their bags!

Footbridge InspiredShoe clones And this clone, similar reasonable or strange coincidence is from H & M and Rare , I do not know who would be first … I do not know who would be the first, nor who is the inspire of both but … They are both very monkeys and super flattering in summer!

Shoe clones have you signed anything suspicious? Do not you love to hunt clones or do you feel a little freaky?

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