How About Going For A Themed Wedding?

How About Going For A Themed Wedding?

Weddings! Weddings are usually the happiest day of a couple’s life. The bride and groom meticulously prepare the ceremony into a never to be forgotten souvenir. From the dishes to the decorations everything needs to be perfect. Nowadays weddings have different themes, some more extravagant than others. If you are planning your wedding and you are in search for some inspirations, check out Moon Games. This amazing online gambling sphere is load up with some diverse games that will entice your interest and inspire you. Here are some of our selections:

  1. A Wealth of Ideas From Egypt

If you ever dreamt about being the next Cleopatra , hen this theme might fit you well. Make your dream come true by revisiting this amazing era filled with a ream of riches. On Moon Games Casino, jump on Cleopatra Slot for some top inspiring ideas. You can pick some idea for your dress, the jewellery, your hairstyle, the makeup and so on. Cleopatra is an iconic figure and for your wedding, you will be the one. For the room décor, you can try to turn it onto a palatial set up that will keep the guest’s mouth opened. Go for the Cleopatra theme and immerse your guests into Egypt.

  1. Diamonds Are Girls’ Best Friend

Have a dazzling wedding celebration with a diamond themed wedding. On Moon Games Casino, there is a slot called Davinci Diamonds Slots from which you can draw your inspirations. You will find colourful gems and the portrait of top masterpieces like Mona Lisa. This theme might add some magical sparkle to your wedding day. If you’ve decided to go with this theme, then try these tips. Add some pearls and diamonds on your bouquet. It will make it more elegant and delicate. Don’t forget to wrap it beautifully and add some stones to the string. Cakes are the spectacular centrepiece at each wedding. Right? Try to add some sparkling pearls onto the cake and a nice ribbon for a wow effect. The tables can be decorated with some faux precious stones. Each table can represent a gemstone and hence have a specific colour. The ideas are endless!

  1. An Exotic Themed Slot

Do you love the tropics? How about planning an exotic themed wedding? For some top inspirations, drop by Moon Games Casino and try Aloha! Cluster Pays Slot to discover some jaw-dropping symbols that might inspire you for your big day. Imagine a wedding on the beach, with some mind-blowing deep-coloured and pastels flowers, petals on the tables, guests with some flowery outfits! Do you picture this remarkable ceremony in your head? With the zesty punches of colour, lush greenery and trendy banana leaf print, your wedding will take place in paradise. Quick tip: A stunning ocean backdrop is essential for a tropical fiesta.

These are the top 3 wedding theme ideas. Hang on! All these ideas are from Moon Games Casino if you want more ideas then feel free to have some few spins on its inexhaustive list of games. There are a good deal of mesmeric themes that will captivate all your attention. Have fun on UK’s most entertaining site.

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