12 Great Ideas To Reconvert Your Used Cell Phone

12 Great Ideas To Reconvert Your Used Cell Phone

Used cell phone take up precious space in your kitchen drawers or cabinets? Do not throw them away (especially not in the garbage!) Before having a look at these tips to give them a second life!

12 Great Ideas To Reconvert Your Used Cell PhoneAn alarm clock 2.0

Your used cell phone will become a faithful companion to your bedside with an application that will help you fall asleep or wake up gently. Try applications such as CARROT Alarm, Gentle Awakening, or Relax Alarm Clock, which takes the old grandmother’s alarm clock away, with innovative features: dialogues, songs, light variations, stunt sounds, and more. And to slip into a refreshing sleep at night, download Pzizz for free, which will also wake you up peacefully in the morning. As you do not have to lug the device all day, leave it on your bedside table to recharge it.

12 Great Ideas To Reconvert Your Used Cell PhoneA home surveillance camera

Use the built-in webcam and Wi-Fi connection of your used cell phone, tablets or laptops to turn them into a security system. Nothing complicated with a free application like Presence. As Popular Science magazine suggests, just open a separate Skype account on an old laptop and set the program to automatically accept incoming video calls. This will allow you to call home from your office or public transportation to keep an eye on your pets at all times, without complex software to install or fees to pay.

12 Great Ideas To Reconvert Your Used Cell PhoneAn on-call baby monitor

Old phones and old tablets are very efficiently converted into the nursery, especially when you’re on the move and want to check if everything is ok. Try an application like Dormi. Once connected to Wi-Fi, the app will alert your own cell if the cherub begins to make noise. You can even try to calm him by talking to him through the system.

12 Great Ideas To Reconvert Your Used Cell PhoneA tool for learning to read

On your used cell phone, download a simple app to learn how to read and give the device to your children. They will love imitating Mom and Dad while learning.

12 Great Ideas To Reconvert Your Used Cell PhoneA much-appreciated gift

Many associations will benefit from donating your old appliances, which they will have repaired or recycled.  Rehabilitates donated computers and distributes them to charitable organizations. Renaissance centers collect obsolete electronic products for safe recycling. Or, an organization like FEUS, dependent on the University of Sherbrook, solicits donations of old phones to redistribute them to homeless women. Before donating your old device, you want to clean it of your personal data? Follow the reset method to the factory values.

12 Great Ideas To Reconvert Your Used Cell PhoneStart your own fundraising campaign

Selling old devices can be an effective way to raise charitable funds. Sites like gazelle.com can help you create your own fundraising web page and encourage people in your community to sell smartphones, tablets, and used computers. They will earn money and your organization will earn a 15% commission on each sale.

12 Great Ideas To Reconvert Your Used Cell PhoneA tool against domestic violence

Some shelters for abused women distribute cell phones to women and children in difficult family situations so that they can call for help in case of danger. This is possible because all cell phones can reach 911 even without an action plan. Check with the police station in your area to find out where and how to donate your device.

12 Great Ideas To Reconvert Your Used Cell PhoneCellular for sale

If your old device is in good condition (and even if it is not), its resale value is not zero. Try to sell it directly through Craigslist, eBay or Kijiji: it’s the best way to get a good price. Sites such as sellcell.com or some Best Buy stores offer buyback or exchange programs for gift cards. If you have kept the original packaging and connector cables, you can increase your price.

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Colin White, commercial director of sellcell.com, told Business Insider magazine: “A lot of people are looking for a few dollars, especially when the economic situation is getting out of hand. So it’s surprising that consumers literally sleep billions in boxes where they pile up their old smartphones or mobile phones. “

12 Great Ideas To Reconvert Your Used Cell PhoneMusic to soothe the soul

Use your old cell phone as an mp3 player. If you are at the beach or by the pool, no fear that it will fall into the water or become covered with sand. Or, plug into the radio: across the country, you can enjoy streaming music with Tune in Radio.

12 Great Ideas To Reconvert Your Used Cell PhoneA way to find you’re self

For your old smartphone, take the package as low as possible and hide the device in the back of your vehicle, regularly checking its charge. Not only is it good to have an emergency phone in case of emergency, but if your car is stolen, you’ll have a way to track it.

12 Great Ideas To Reconvert Your Used Cell PhoneSmile, you are filmed!

Most smartphones and tablets are equipped with a compact camera. This feature can allow young children to learn photography or small video, and learn how to retouch their photos by downloading a free application like Snapped. Do not forget to save their works on another device.

12 Great Ideas To Reconvert Your Used Cell PhoneRecycle your used cell phone.

Never throw your cell phones at the end of the race in the trash. The US Environmental Protection Agency estimates that for every one million cell phones recycled, 15,900 kg of copper, 34 kg of gold and 15 kg of palladium could be collected.

Check your local Eco-Centers for the one closest to you, or take the unit to a Staples store for recycling. Bell also plays this role through its Bac Bac program.

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