An introduction to Drupal Commerce SOS

Drupal may not be as well known as WordPress or Joomla, but fans of the software love it for its ability to perform a multitude of tasks, making it a fast and responsive web creation package. However, one of the primary complaints made about Drupal is the complexity of the interfaces, which make it best suited to those with technical knowledge and understanding.

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According to Entrepreneur, Drupal currently stands third in the league table of content management systems (CMS), powering over 1.1 million websites and with 25 million downloads. These figures demonstrate the widespread use of the software, which is renowned for its power and versatility.

A simplified e-commerce interface

It’s long been accepted that Drupal is aimed at those with a great deal of technical knowledge, with the majority of everyday users finding it too complex to get to grips with. Yet with a huge community of online fans intent on developing new plugins, it was only a matter of time before the platform started introducing more user-friendly interfaces.

The new Drupal Commerce SOS program could be a game-changer for the software. The SOS stands for Simple Order System, and the new interface makes it easier than ever before to track a customer’s purchases, recover abandoned shopping carts and modify existing orders.

Making ordering easier

The main purpose of an ecommerce website is to encourage visitors to make a purchase, so anything that simplifies the process is to be welcomed. Website owners had noted that their customers were struggling with the current ordering interface, and developers were quick to rise to the challenge.

Of course, you’ll still need to use expert help to create and develop your Drupal website, but they are easy enough to track down. You can find a Drupal design agency wherever you live and work in the UK, with companies such as offering up many years of experience in the industry, so you can be sure of a tailored and polished website.

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Now the introduction of the new SOS user interface looks set to raise the profile of Drupal websites, bringing all the power and versatility of the software to a more accessible level for the majority of website owners.

Stunning, effective websites that are easy to use are the Holy Grail, and Drupal has just upped its game.

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