Key things to think about when establishing a new business.

When you take the first steps into running you own business it can seem like there are a thousand different things to do and to put into place and there are a number of legal steps that you also need to take. Here is a quick checklist of things you need to make sure that you do and purchase in those early days.

  • Registering your business – this is one of the most fundamental things you should do and may involve registering a limited company or partnership or simply letting HMRC know that you are now self-employed. The government has some great information on the steps that you need to take on on their website.
  • Naming your business – this can be tricky but it is important to think of a name that you are happy with and reflect you and your business, but also one that will appeal to your potential customers.
  • Business locations – you need to decide whether to take on a business premises from the beginning whether this may be in the form of a shared office or dedicated space for yourself. Another option is to work from home until you are established enough to need an office space.
  • Furniture – regardless of whether you are working from your home space or a dedicated office you need to make sure that you set up your desk space correctly and this includes supporting your back by sitting on Operator Chairs like the ones you can find at rather than sitting at your dining table or crouching with your laptop on the sofa. It is important to protect your back, shoulders and neck whilst sitting for long periods and the best way to do this is to ensure that your desk set up is correct from day one.
  • Equipment – the type of equipment that you need will depend very much on the type of business that you are operating and may include one or more computers, printers, dedicated machinery and other items unique to your set up.
  • Marketing materials – the amount of marketing material that you have initially will depend on the advertising and marketing routes that you decide to take. But one item every business needs to have from the beginning is business cards. This means that you can pass on your information easily to anyone who is interested in your business products or services. In order to align these to your business you should include your business logo on them to help provide an instant identity with your brand.

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