Making a new home cosy

Moving into a new home is an exciting time but it’s also hard work. The first few days your new house can feel a little stark and barren as you get yourself organised. Here are some quick and easy tips to have your new pad cosy, warm and inviting in no time at all:

Start with the front door – If you want that ‘Welcome’ feeling each time you arrive home then a little kerb appeal goes a long way. Wash down your front step or porch, pop a mat down and maybe hang a sweet sign welcoming guests. Don’t forget your hallway either. Placing a large leafy plant just inside the front door is both attractive, relaxing and helps to soften the tone. For help finding your new pad, visit a Gloucester Estate Agency like

Be a big softie – When it comes to textiles and materials for your interior, go big on soft and fluffy. Items like luxury plush rugs, floor pillows, velvet throws, ottomans with cushions and long, trailing fluffy plants will make your home feel like a den of cosiness.

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Sniff it out – You might be surprised at how powerful smell is to our psychological state. Nobody wants a bad-smelling home so work on introducing some of your favourite scents whether it’s through scented candles, diffusers, fragrant plants or room sprays. You’ll feel more comfortable and cosy with a scent that calms you.

Furniture choice – To increase the comfort levels even further, try to incorporate furniture you can curl up in. Deep seats, thick seating areas and plump cushions are the key. If you love the look of a sofa but it doesn’t have that feel good factor, then keep looking.

Mix things up – Buying all your furniture or accessories from one place will most likely give your décor the look of a furniture store. Yes, it might look amazing, but furniture stores are not particularly inviting. Try to mix different textures, styles and colours to add depth and cosiness as mixing a variety of pieces provides extra visual texture.

Warm colours – Every colour creates a mood and even within colours, there can be warmer or colder undertones and shades. Cool colours make rooms look larger but can be quite harsh. Warmer colours make a room feel smaller but also more cosy and inviting. If you want to incorporate some colder colours then try mixing it with a warmer touch, maybe with your accessories.

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Lighting – This is an often-overlooked aspect of creating a welcoming atmosphere inside a home. For an intimate feel, table lamps are great for bringing lighting down to a seated level. Think about the lightbulbs that you’re using. Replace ‘cool’ lightbulbs for ‘warming’ ones for an instant change of mood and a super-cosy feel.

Things you love – With a new place, it’s tempting to think you need to start afresh and do away with the things you used to hold dear. To feel like you’ve always lived there though, fill your rooms with the things you love as your décor should be about making rooms for people, somewhere you feel the most comfortable and where you truly belong.

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