Memories of the evenings spent in the country pub

I have many fond memories of sitting in the car park or garden area of a country pub whilst my dad went inside to buy himself a pint and I was always have an orange squash and a packet of salt and vinegar crisps. Now the orange squash was no where near the quality of the Post Mix Juices provided by to  pubs and restaurants nowadays and the bar staff could never seem to get the mixture quite right. It either tasted like water or burnt off my taste buds. But still it has always been a great memory for me.

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You see back in the 1970s and 1980s pubs were still very much the realm of the working man and occasionally woman and children were definitely not meant to be sat in smoky atmosphere of the bar. You would find many children outside in the garden area playing on the wooden swings and other play equipment whilst their dads disappeared into the haze and returned a few moments later with drinks and crisps in hand. If I was really lucky Dad might appear with a basket of chips. The Dads would deliver the drinks and food to their children and then disappear off back into the haze. Now by todays standards that would be unacceptable but back then we often made our own entertainment and by the time the men reappeared all of the children would be happily playing together like they had all been friends for years.

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Dad and I would then take a walk back home where mum would have made the tea and had usually helped herself to a little bit of the cooking sherry whilst she working over the oven. She was always slightly rosy cheeked and very happy when we returned. We would then sit down to sausage and mash or perhaps a stew of some sort whilst Dad recounted to mum the goings on at the pub. It seemed that the bar was a hot bed of gossiping activity and my parents would often compare stories that they had heard from the different (basically opposite sex) parties involved. It inevitably ended up in a he said, she said heated discussion.  I would then help tidy the dinner things away and would dash into the living room to flick through the few channels that were available back then and see if any of my favourite shows like Dr Who were on before going off to bed and starting the next day all over again.

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