Methods of Consuming Kratom

The leaves of the plant named Kratom have been used for making of herbal drug since ages by many in the countries of Southeast Asia. You can find its application in various ways. You can find it in the form of folk medicine like a stimulant which needs to be used in low doses. It can also be used as sedative and can be used in high doses. You can find its application as a pain killer, recreational drug, medicine for stomach problems, and for treating opiate addiction.

There are many ways in which the Kratom extract can be consumed.

Some known methods of consuming Kratom:

  • Kratom powder with water: Well this is one of the simplest and easy methods of Kratom consumption and mostly used by people who take it. Take the amount you want to consume in a spoon. Now take a glass of water. Put the powder of Kratom near mouth tip and take water. Mix it well inside your mouth and then swallow.
  • Take it with tea of Kratom: This is the 2nd best and popular method which is also easy to follow. First boil the water and the powder (measurement which you want to consume). Boil it for at least 30 minutes and then allow the powder to sit. Strain the water and collect in a glass. Now consume it just like a cup of tea or coffee. Many people consider the fact that this method gives better result. But yes, it shows up result slow. You can enjoy the drink both hot and cold. You can add up some ice in it to make it taste awesome.
  • Mixing with Yoghurt: Take a certain amount of yoghurt which you want to consume on a spoon. Now add the amount of powder which you want to intake. Mix it well to cover up the original taste of the powder. Now take it in empty stomach. Consume it slowly and dont hurry up or it may get struck in throat.
  • Mixing with Protein: If you are a gym person then why not add it up with your protein shake and consume. Here also you need to go steady and slow with your shake so that it can mix up well in your body without getting stuck on throat. Health freaks do say that my consuming this way they managed to see better result on their body.
  • Kratom Capsule: In case you find that none of the above mentioned methods are good for you then you can try taking it in the form of capsule. This way it will also work in same manner inside your body like above methods. Ask your doctor about the maximum number of capsules you can take at a time. Drink sufficient water to make the capsule spread up the powder in an even manner.

The above are some of the commonly known methods which can be adopted for the consumption of Kratom. Know more about the effects of Kratom before you finally decide as which method will be best for you.

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