How To Mix And Match Window Styles In Your Home

When designing a brand new home, you might already be thinking about mixing and matching different home styles without even knowing it. If you’re a modern homeowner who loves Danish modern styles just as much as classic, old-fashioned furniture and decor, you’re probably already using your keen eye and sense of style to create a home environment that’s entirely unique. When it comes to choosing window styles, however, it’s a bit more complicated to mix and match different styles. If you’ve recently purchased new replacement windows yorktown, you’re probably figuring out how to make them work in your home without clashing with older styles or vintage window types you’re thinking about installing in your home to give it a more unique flair. While it’s certainly possible to do install alternate window styles, it’s important to follow a few key rules to avoid clashing and messiness. Before you decorate your home with brand new windows and older custom pieces, here are a few things you should think about.

Double Hung Styles Work Everywhere

In every home, there are pieces of furniture and architectural accents that should work to create a sort of blank slate. These features, which should blend into the background and not call too much attention to themselves, can work as a kind of canvas, allowing homeowners to choose different colors and accents in the room without any danger of clashing or creating a cluttered look. Double-hung windows are perfect for this reason. Not only do they look great in any home style, from old Victorian to the newest properties, they’re completely basic and no-nonsense, allowing homeowners to create a more neutral look even in the quirkiest-looking homes. Double hung window styles work with everything, can be dressed up with a fun window treatment or left bare: They’ll look great no matter what. On top of that, you can easily alternate them with other, more distinctive styles without worrying about creating an overly busy-looking atmosphere.

Picture Windows Work Best Alone

Picture windows are the oldest form of window available, consisting of a single, fixed pane of glass overlooking the outdoors. Because picture windows have such a wide definition, they can come in a ton of different sizes and shapes and usually work great in both small and large family rooms. If you have a great view you want to show off, it’s easy enough to install a large picture window with a few smaller double-hung or casement windows acting as a compliment. However, if you really want to get that extra wow factor, letting a picture window work solo is a great way to make any room stand out. The bigger the picture window, the better it’s bound to look, especially if the view is already breathtaking. If you want all the glamor of a picture window without the fixed element, installing bay or bow windows can also be a great way to turn any room into a central space in your home.

Casement Windows are Highly Functional

Casement windows are a bit like double-hung windows in that they can go with almost any style without causing a stylistic clash. Casement windows open outwardly and look a bit like double hung windows turned to the side. They’re commonly installed in hard-to-reach areas in the kitchen or bathroom and are great at letting light and air into the home. They’re also perfect for mixing and matching in larger rooms. You can easily pair a casement window with double hung, picture, or even bow windows without fear of clashing. Casement windows are also a great addition to the part of the home that catches the wind sideways since they exist to increase airflow.

Sliding Windows and Doors are the Perfect Multi-Purpose Choice

If you’re having trouble figuring out what types of windows to use in larger, multi-purpose rooms such as large kitchens and living rooms, consider installing a sliding door or french door. These door types actually act as a type of multi-functional window, opening up a space into the outdoors while letting the light flow freely in. If you have larger rooms that are a bit more sprawling, it’s a good idea to mix it up with sliding floor-to-ceiling windows and bow windows to increase the light and air circulation in the space, as well as make it more friendly and social. If you have a picture window in the living room, installing a french door or sliding window in the next room is a great way to create the same sunlit effect while encouraging indoor-outdoor flow.

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