How to modernise your park home

Your park home is your getaway, your sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You want an inviting holiday home to greet you at the end of a long week. In that case, your park home might need a little lift. Here are five easy ways you can take your park home from drab to fab.

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Look to the floor

You can quickly and easily replace your flooring. Wake up a tired park home with new carpets and lino. If you want a really modern, yet homely feel, then invest in some laminate flooring. You can then dress this with attractive rugs and floor runners.

Interior design

You can either take on a bigger job like replacing the kitchen area or bathroom, or think smaller and look to the furniture. Look online for specialist park home furniture makers and suppliers of the right sized fittings. Reupholstering your soft furnishings can be done in a weekend and will make a huge difference.

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Go outdoors

2018 saw a wonderful heatwave, beating that hot summer of 1976. With summers set to get warmer year on year, make the most of your outside space and soak up that sun. Think about maybe getting a veranda, or add awnings to the outside of your park home. Always check with what your park permits in terms out outdoor upgrades.

Roof it

A new roof might seem like a big job, but with the right professionals to do the job, it can be done fast and safely. A new roof adds a brand new feel to your park home. A rickety old leaky roof screams old age, and makes your park home look drab and dull. Transform your park home with a lovely new roof.

Age before beauty

Before you go ahead with any external work to your park home, check the upper age limit your park has for older homes. It might be that your home is not far away from replacement. If you live near Gloucester park homes for sale are easy to find. There are plenty of companies like that can guide you to your perfect purchase.

So there we are. Get cracking this weekend on modernising your trusty park home. Soon your home will be the envy of the park.


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