Questions To Be Asked To Avoid Fiascos

Questions To Be Asked To Avoid Fiascos

You will meet for the first time with that person who awakens you to various sensations, among them nerves, expectations and illusion … In the desire not to be invasive, many times we do not ask enough. And then the problems come.

These are the questions that yes or yes, you have to do on a first date.

Are you in a couple?

Not everyone who cites with someone is free of commitment and it is better to get rid of the doubt before getting into complications. If the person is single, he will surely laugh at the question and answer with an emphatic “I am alone” that will clear any possible doubt. If your sentimental situation is not so clear, you are likely to start “skating” with explanations such as “I am separating”, “we are together for our children” and other common places.

Questions To Be Asked To Avoid FiascosDo you like children / animals, etc.?

When a relationship starts, people tend to convince themselves that all differences will be smoothed / avoided. But if you have three children and he does not like children, you can hardly put something together in the long term. If your house is full of animals and she has an allergy to cats, the day to day can become quite complicated.

Questions To Be Asked To Avoid FiascosDo you believe in fidelity?

There are those who can love a lot and like to have sex with other men or women. Do not be afraid to ask if the other is willing to have an exclusive relationship. It is preferable to be disappointed at the beginning and not to discover, with the passage of time and the progress of the relationship, that the other is only faithful. to him.

Questions To Be Asked To Avoid FiascosHow is your relationship with your ex?

Be skillful in asking this question. Nobody likes that they stick their finger in the wound of their past. But it is certain that you are not willing to come to ring the bell at three o’clock in the morning to “reclaim” anyone. Although it is in good taste not to talk about past relationships, you can ask with diplomacy if there are “pending accounts”.

What do you expect from life?

It seems deep and philosophical but, in reality it is something that you can deduce if you know how to read between the lines. In the way in which each person expresses himself about love, work, and links, one can reflect a lot on his being. Also, in his way of treating others, for example, waiters. Observe and draw your conclusions.

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