How to reduce your Christmas waste

Christmas is a time of year when we all produce a great deal of waste. It’s the season of indulgence and a time for stuffing yourself silly with chocolates and turkey. However, it’s easy to create too much waste if we don’t think carefully about it. From too much food going to waste to endless piles of packaging, boxes and Christmas wrapping paper – here are some good ways to cut down and give the environment a little less to cope with after Christmas has finished.

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Plan Ahead

We all make Christmas lists but how many of us are guilty of continually adding to that list until it grows bigger and bigger? We get carried away when shopping, thinking we’ve never got enough or being drawn in to offers and deals that see us buy more than we intended. Try to avoid making these impulse purchases this year, as most of what we buy won’t be appreciated or will end up as waste. Stick to your list as much as possible and don’t give in to temptation to keep adding to it.

If you’re bursting at the seams once the festivities are over, you can always hire a skip of course. For Skip Hire Swansea, visit  Skip operators are fully committed to environmental programmes and always recycle whatever they can from the waste you place inside a skip. Before hiring a skip, be sure you know what size will be adequate for your needs to avoid any problems with overloading.

Re-think your choice of wrapping paper

Take a moment to consider what you’re going to wrap your gifts in this year. Many of our favourite wrapping paper designs contain metallics or foil which means they cannot be recycled. Try to find wrapping paper that is 100% paper or one that has been made from recyclable materials as this does less harm to the environment. Why not choose something a little quirkier this year, like old comics, magazine pages or even good old-fashioned brown paper that can be personalised and decorated with bows, stamps or stickers.

If you were organised last year, you’ll have already saved items like bows, tags and other decorations from presents you received last Christmas to be used again. If not, remember to save them this year. It will save you buying them next year and is kinder to the environment.

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After Christmas

Don’t throw out your Christmas tree. Most local councils will operate a tree recycling scheme, so check this out before putting it in a skip. If you no longer want your Christmas decorations, why not find out if you can donate them to someone who could find a use for them? If you’ve received any unwanted gifts, don’t throw them out but donate them to charity or sell them on Gumtree or eBay.


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